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what kind of events do you do that everyone can go to?

22 years 7 months ago #79805 by PRESFORALL
hi, our family fun nights include a chili cookoff and while a panel of 6 is judging the chili we had the students and other parents play bingo. we provided snowcones for all to wash down the chili. we also had a family movie night that was a huge success. we rented a popcorn machine and couldn't keep up. we had a make-it and take-it craft night that involved mainly the children, so this year we are looking into providing a speaker for the parents to listen to while their children make a craft.
22 years 7 months ago #79804 by mykidsmom
We have family skate nights that are also a fundraiser for us but to be honest I don't think anyone really knows it! It's fun to see families come out and have so much fun together!
We also have a Spring Pot Luck that is huge!
We actually ran outta tables last year! This year we ran into a problem with hockey play offs the same year we vow to be ready with a big screen (my husband knows a manager or two at Sears!! HAHA).
Our biggest goal is to keep it simple since we don't have a very big budget!
22 years 8 months ago #79803 by Pres88
We have similar things, our fall fair/ fundraiser is a good family event. We have a family fun night and try to change the theme each year, we have been able to offer this free as well as free food. We also do a talent show which is a lot of fun (and a lot of work) which again is a free family event. Does anyone have any other ideas?

22 years 8 months ago #79802 by JHB
We have events similar to Game above. In addition, we have a few family nights at local entertainment centers: roller skating, ice skating, miniature golf, etc.

The places are generally eager to set them up to bring in business on weeknights, and it can even be a small fundraiser. The last one we did was at a miniature golf and batting cage place. For $5, each person got golf or batting, game tokens, a food item (pizza, hot dog), a drink, a popcorn, and an ice cream. The PTO got $1 of each admission. We had a ton of people attend, and everyone had a great time.
22 years 8 months ago #79801 by Game
We have several great events that everyone enjoys. Our sock hop is a dance enjoyed by all. We have a DJ, the kids and some parent dress in thir best 50's outfit. The PTO sells refreshments. This dance is a get to know you event at the first of the year.

The Fall Festival is a ton of fun too. The families enjoy games, rides (simple ones), a dunk tank and a lot of food. We get the games and rides from a local party business who sets them up and takes them down. This is a large fundraiser for us and a lot of fun for the kids.

One for parents only is our silent auction dinner and dance. This event is still growing. We get donation from local businesses to auction. Each attendee pays a dollar amount for dinner and dancing. This is a night of fun for the parents to get to know each other.
Hope you get a few ideas. It is all about fun!
22 years 8 months ago #79800 by nicurn
hi, quick question, our school is k-5. What kind of events do you guys do that everyone could go to and enjoy? thanks, maggie
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