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RE: Reading Month Slogan

23 years 2 weeks ago #82148 by
Replied by on topic RE: Reading Month Slogan
Hi!! Thanks for the compliment. The Golden Books were a great idea.. Plus all the decorations could be in gold and gold themed.
Sounds like we're on to something.. HAHAHA!!
23 years 3 weeks ago #82147 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: Reading Month Slogan
What a great mind there Donna! I thought on the same theme. My Idea was "Read A Golden Oldie" and you could make posters with the slogan and decorate with 'little golden books such as "the pokie little puppie" and all those favorites we had and 'little golden books' even have up to date books such as Sesame Street ect...We have also celebrated reading by having a used CHILDRENS book sale. We ask for those used kids books on the shelves that have been out grown and beleive me, we have a great sale!! we get hundreds of books and sell them for 50cents for paperbacks and $1 for hard back. We also have a special table for those great donated books that originally cost 10 dollars and above that are in great shape, we get a little more for those. We have made no less that $400 and up to $650 on these sales.
23 years 3 weeks ago - 4 months 6 days ago #82146 by
Replied by on topic RE: Reading Month Slogan
How about Reading is Golden?
Isn't that the appropriate gift for a 50th anniversary (gold?)
If not, I'm clueless.. LOL

Good Luck. For our school I'm thinking something like "Around the world in 365 Books" and making that our goal. Let me know how you make out!!
23 years 3 weeks ago #82145 by swhitford
Replied by swhitford on topic RE: Reading Month Slogan
We're going with the theme from and Dr Seuss' birthday "Oh, The Places We'll Go".
23 years 3 weeks ago #82144 by karatemom2
Reading Month Slogan was created by karatemom2
I have been asked to come up with a Reading Month slogan for this year. The problem I'm having is because it's also our schools 50th birthday/anniversary this year. I would appreciate any help you have to offer.
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