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family events

22 years 8 months ago #82296 by illinois
Replied by illinois on topic RE: family events
hope this helps.
we do father/daughter dance. We only charge them a few dollars each to get in. We have punch,and cookies. We also have a d.j. however we do receive about 200 dollars from the pta to start with. We even get a photographer to come take a portrait of the dad/daughter if they wish to pay the photographer. But we do keep it open to any male the child know who is 18 to escort her.

For mother/son you could go bowling at a small fee for them, or have a sports knight in the gym. like relay racess, basketball free throws or mom's vs sons etc. stuff like that and only charge a few dollars. they have alot of fun.
good luck.
22 years 8 months ago #82295 by cristne
family events was created by cristne
I'm the new social committee chairperson for our elementary school, and need ideas for mother/daughter, mother/son, father/daughter, father/son events, that are relatively inexpensive. Any ideas would be appreciated!!!!
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