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23 years 5 months ago #83043 by EarlDTaft
Replied by EarlDTaft on topic RE: raffles
We had a group of parents of our HS's graduating class last year raffle off a cruise for four. They made a profit of close to $10,000!!

Each student took tickets to sell & all the profits went to their "Operation Graduation" project. This project provides a full night of activities to the students on graduation night. All but 2 students attended. The theme this year was a cruise & the parents transformed a local sports arena into a cruise ship. It was awesome!!!!

They started selling tickets once school opened in the fall & then announced the big winner at the graduation party.

The parents of the incoming Senior class are doing the same thing this year.

It has been a very successful way to raise money for a great cause!
23 years 5 months ago #83042 by GaryWT
Replied by GaryWT on topic RE: raffles
We have a raffle at our pumpkin fair and we get a permit at city hall. The items that seem to work great is, each class picks a topic and the kids bring in items to cover the topic. Baskets are made and raffled off. Of course every student wants "their" basket so many parents usually buy tickets. The chocolate themed basket does well as well as kitchen gadgets and sports.

This idea was brought to us by a parent who saw it in other schools so we are not the only ones doing it.
23 years 5 months ago #83041 by LPease7393
Replied by LPease7393 on topic RE: raffles
Ditto to "Toomanyhats" raffles are considered gambling. Check with the school board or state. We can only hold raffles that people don't have to pay for. ie: At our Learning fair all participants names are entered into a drawing. Check,check,check.
23 years 5 months ago #83040 by toomanyhats!
Replied by toomanyhats! on topic RE: raffles
Check with your state about the need for a raffle license. Many states require them.
Raffles can be alot of work. How would you sell raffle tickets?
23 years 5 months ago #83039 by adkt78
raffles was created by adkt78
have any other schools tried to raffle off big items such as tvs computers cruises anything as a fundraiser and if so do you need permits or what .and another thing what fundraisers seem to work out the most profit in your schools please give us some tips .thanks
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