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Decorating Booze Fest

23 years 3 months ago #83527 by chrystal
Decorating Booze Fest was created by chrystal
I have just found out that when we have the "decorating" night for our now 46th annual winter carnival that the parents who do it every year are getting drunk at the school. I have often wondered why they always insist on having this elaborate decorating night in the gym when there is only one big decoration that they do. It has always been just the select few and when someone new shows up to help they are promptly told they are not needed. I feel that since I am now the President that I can't allow this to take place this year...might I also add that some of the parents bring their kids.... The new board and I have thought about telling them that we are trying something new this year with the decorating and let the kids decorate with posters during the day. I'm truly not a "fuddy-dutty" but I think drinking at the school is way innappropriate and if they want to go to the bar when their done fine...but not at school. What do you guys think??
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