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New ideas for PTO Parties

22 years 8 months ago #85039 by Publisher
Hi Delene -

The Mystery Dinner Nights are produced by one of our friends/advertisers -- the Wesleyan Thespians. In fact, their banner ad is running on our site now. If you click around and look up at the top banner ad, you'll be sure to find them. (You may need several clicks, as several different advertisers rotate in that space.)

Good luck,

22 years 8 months ago #85038 by Delene
Replied by Delene on topic RE: New ideas for PTO Parties
I was surfing on line the other night and I found information on a Mystery Dinner Night. I hope to come across it again, cause I think it would be a new and exciting event for our parents who are tired of the same old events.
22 years 8 months ago #85037 by BusyBee
Replied by BusyBee on topic RE: New ideas for PTO Parties
One of my friend's organized a "who wants to be a millionaire" night at her school. I will try to get her to log on a post -- it sounded like a lot of fun, got everybody together, and made money. Who can beat that?
22 years 8 months ago #85036 by plw
Replied by plw on topic RE: New ideas for PTO Parties
You know I love reverse raffles! They can make a ton of dough. If anyone out there has done one and is willing to send me the logistics on it I would appreciate it. Thanks!
22 years 8 months ago #85035 by SUEKSJS
Replied by SUEKSJS on topic RE: New ideas for PTO Parties
The biggest thing in this area is a reverse raffle.You pay for an admission ticket that is also your raffle ticket. Thru out the evening tickets are pulled out for prizes. The last one in the tumbler is the big winner. There are also casino type games going on thru out the night. We also serve a meal. I haven't been to one but the people who have, say they are a lot of fun.
22 years 8 months ago #85034 by DebbieCZ
New ideas for PTO Parties was created by DebbieCZ
Our school has had silent auction parties for years and everyone (PTO and merchants) are getting tired. But we all love the "party" part of the night. Does anyone have suggestions for events that will raise money, but we and our guests can have fun at. Suggestions made so far from our group have been a casino night, an art showcase, etc. No idea to outlandish - cowpie bingo is one we WON'T do - no room at the school!
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