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Dinner Auction Vs. Casino Night?

23 years 2 months ago #85386 by MO2
Replied by MO2 on topic RE: Dinner Auction Vs. Casino Night?
Please keep in mind that if you do a Casino night, this would be considered gambling. You would need to check with your state about a special gambling license. I would imagine this will cost some money.
Auctions are not considered gambling and therefore have no restrictions. Just something to keep in mind.
23 years 2 months ago #85385 by intomykids
Dinner Auction Vs. Casino Night? was created by intomykids
We are considering doing a fundraiser with 3 or 4 K-8 schools in our district. My first thought was a dinner with a silent and live auction. A suggestion has been made about a casino night.
My questions are:
Can you make as much money off a casino night? If so, how?
If anyone has done a casino night how much is the equipment rental? (If we figure on about 400 people - 100 from each school)
Can you still incorporate a live or silent auction (for real money) into the casino?

Thanks --
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