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teachers christmas gifts

23 years 1 month ago #86355 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: teachers christmas gifts
I'm curious about the comment from hillsmomof3 that as a non-profit you can't buy personal gifts. We operate as a non-profit and recently completely our 501(c)(3) status. "Increasing School Spirit" is one of our 5 primary goals. Part of this is clearly defined (by us) as "teacher appreciation". While I don't know that we've bought "personal gifts" - depends on you you define that - we've provided luncheons, treats, dessert gifts, and, most recently $50 in discretionary funds per teacher to be spent on anything they want regarding their class. We don't see these as a conflict.

I'm just curious how you define as a personal gift?
23 years 1 month ago #86354 by hillsmomof3
Replied by hillsmomof3 on topic RE: teachers christmas gifts
Our organization (PTO) has a non-profit status, therefore we cannot give any personal gifts from PTO funds. Many of our homeroom parents organize a classroom gift. Usually this is a gift card bought with monetary donations. Some choose not to participate while others donate and buy something a little personal.
23 years 1 month ago #86353 by jpanda
Replied by jpanda on topic RE: teachers christmas gifts
The last two years, we have done big gifts for the staff/school at Christmas in lieu of indiviual gifts. Last year we purchased a table skirt and five flags with the school name and emblem on them. This year we purchased microwaves for the two staff work/lunch rooms. This allows all staff to benefit from the same gift instead of trying to find comparable yet personal gifts for support staff that may not appreciate the gifts we would give individual teachers. During teacher appreciation week, we provide a carry-in lunch buffet and cover lunch duty. Last year, we had so much food that the staff was able to eat all week. Every staff member wrote thank yous and they seemed to especially enjoy the time to sit and visit with their co-workers.
23 years 1 month ago #86352 by LisaH
Replied by LisaH on topic RE: teachers christmas gifts
Last fall we split the cost of a denium shirt for each teacher. It is something they will use and it shows school spirt. The cost to the PTO was $10 per shirt.

As for teacher appreciation week we do something small all week (flowers, candy, bakery items). Then at conference time we serve lunch or dinner. The teachers are there for such a long time that it is nice that they don't have to worry about eatting. Also when we do lunch they can nibble later.
23 years 2 months ago #86351 by MicheleC
Replied by MicheleC on topic RE: teachers christmas gifts
When it comes to teacher appreciation gifts, our PTO is thinking about getting a number of disposable cameras or possibly (depending on how the budget is later in the year) actual cameras for use in the classroom. So often there are little events that would be great to capture on film (PLUS YEARBOOK NEEDS!) and each teacher would have their own camera at their disposal. We have given thought to providing a stipend for film development, but I think we are going to talk to a local camera/photo store to see if we can get developing donated--even just a roll a week or something--it all adds up!
23 years 2 months ago #86350 by MicheleC
Replied by MicheleC on topic RE: teachers christmas gifts
This year, the teachers came up with a great idea at our school. Each of the third grade class teachers have requested that in lieu of a teachers gift that each student bring in an arts and crafts item (paper, glue, glitter, pompoms, yarn, etc.). All items will be placed in a basket and donated to an afterschool program in our area. This program serves a number of students who do not have the means to have many art materials at home and the program itself is pretty limited in their resources. The students learn the true meaning of the holiday and the teachers do not have to endure yet another coffee mug or note pad.
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