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Fun Fair Donators

22 years 7 months ago #86527 by Poohsmom
Replied by Poohsmom on topic RE: Fun Fair Donators
Thank you so very, very much JHB!!!! I will use your idea and have already put the wheels in motion.

What a brillant idea.

Thanks again.
22 years 7 months ago #86526 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Fun Fair Donators
If you are trying to assemble information for a targeted "mass mailout", there's lots of free information available from the government under "Open Records" requests. We wanted to start a Community Relations program from scratch, so we sent a request to our state comptroller's office for an electronic list of all entities registered to collect sales tax in the 3 zip code areas surrounding our school. Within a week, we had a list of about 5000 businesses, which included addresses and phone numbers (note, sometimes corporate - not the local one) as well as SIC (standard industry codes)identifying the type of business. Our goal was to review the list and choose about 400 for a mass mailout with about 100 targeted for additional followup. We considered the likelihood of the organization to donate and/or support school initiatives, the popularity of that establishment with our parents, and the geographic location. For example, popular restaraunts and stores were selected, but so were small businesses in the light industrial area that immediately surrounds our school.

We wanted to cultivate the long term relationships for speakers and school support, not just the one time donatations. We created a flyer that listed ways organizations could help the school ranging from donations of excess supplies to providing speakers to utilizing the paper recycling bin in our parking lot.

The followup included personal calls and visits, and this list was also used to solicit donations for our silent auction.
22 years 7 months ago #86525 by Poohsmom
Replied by Poohsmom on topic RE: Fun Fair Donators
Thank you Nevadamom. Your information was great. I live in the suburbs of Kansas and our county has around 30 elementaries, 5 junior highs and 3 high schools. The competion for donations gets pretty fierce. The ideas you provided will come in handy.

Thanks again!
22 years 7 months ago #86524 by Nevadamom
Replied by Nevadamom on topic RE: Fun Fair Donators
For our carnival, we send out letters to amusement parks, restaurants, golf courses and businesses outside of our general area. We're close to California, and the major amusement parks there are good about sending tickets. Send a letter to any place you can think of. Two years ago I went through the phone book to come up with some new ideas, and that's when we added the golf courses. Try the big chain stores and restaurants and places such as water parks and banks. It never hurts to ask! With our small local businesses, we tell them that we're only doing our carnival every other year and won't be hitting them up for a donation every year, so some are more willing to donate. Good luck!
22 years 7 months ago #86523 by Poohsmom
Fun Fair Donators was created by Poohsmom
Most of our local businesses are pretty well donated out! I need fresh donators? I found the Gap information in one of the past issues. Does anyone have any more ideas?

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