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Incentive merchandise

23 years 5 months ago #87756 by CRZNMOM5
Replied by CRZNMOM5 on topic RE: Incentive merchandise
I have a couple different places to get prizes but I'm not sure if they do notebooks or theme books. Edgewood Press Inc. 1-800-533-1236. They do folders. Also two others with websites are and They both do lots of imprinted things. Good luck!
23 years 5 months ago #87755 by laurilu82
Replied by laurilu82 on topic RE: Incentive merchandise
Oriental Trading company has wonderful small prizes for acceptable prices. We always use them!
23 years 6 months ago #87754 by shel
Replied by shel on topic RE: Incentive merchandise
We use Oriental Trading Company. I think the site is Lots of good stuff.
23 years 6 months ago #87753 by BeckyHolt
Incentive merchandise was created by BeckyHolt
We are holding a cookbook sale and I need to know where I can find incentive prizes. This is the first fund raiser, that we have done that the company didn't supply the prizes. I was thinking about imprinted notebooks or wire bound theme books (School logo and name in school colors), but I can't seem to find anyone online that does this. I know they are out there somewhere! Any ideas? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

Becky Holt
River Mill Charter School
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