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23 years 4 months ago #88216 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Auction
I've been involved in auctions for a few different organizations. For the PTO, ours is always a silent auction, but we do have both theme baskets and individual items. (But we don't have a "theme" for the event.) For our annual church auction we have the bigger items auctioned by an auctioneer, and then tables full of things for the silent auction as well. (Both running concurrently in the same recreation hall.)

If you are going to have a real auction and have access to someone who can really play the crowd, that should help increase bids and will also make the whole thing more entertaining.

As far as baskets or individual, it just depends on the item and the value. If you don't want to use the lower value items in a silent auction,then you may want to group some of them. You'll also have to watch the time. The auctioneer will need time to introduce the item, describe it, conduct the auction, and award the winner. If you have 20 items, that's one thing. If you have 80, you may be there half the night. (Hence the reason for the combination used at our church.)
23 years 4 months ago #88215 by Dottie
Auction was created by Dottie
Well our auction is fast approaching. We have sent out over 600 letters with great responses. What really surprised me is some of the big companies that I felt sure would send something sent us a rejection letter. But over all it's going great. Next comes the local knocking on doors. This is our first auction so it has pretty well been hunt and peck but..... we still have a few questions.

1.Do you find having a theme for your auction helps?
2.Do you use a real auctioneer or someone that can draw a crowd with his/her humor and maybe get you more money for a idem. We have a guy who is really great/ everyone knows him and has volunteered to do it. WHich why is the best?
3. Is it best to sell each item individual or say in a basket (say food coupons, movie rentals etc.)

Thanks for all the help here and I can honestly say this is the best place that I have found to get answers and help regarding our PTO. Thanks again.
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