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Carnivals: Have you used Bungee runs, Bounce Houses or Sumo Wrestling?

23 years 1 month ago #88473 by joeyfitzgerald
My husband (fitzers) posted the reply about the inflateables being extremely popular. He forgot to mention what an incredible company we rented them from. They supplied staff to man each attraction. This is so important as they are familiar with the equipment and know how many kids to allow in the jumping castle at a time and when to send the next child down the giant slide - things like that. I reccommend finding a company that you trust that offers this service. It does cost more, but the peace of mind and safety of the children is worth it.
23 years 1 month ago #88472 by fitzers
We just had a carnival and had two jumping castles, a obstacle course, a giant slide and a mountain, all were inflatable. These were some of the most popular items at our carnival. This was also one of our biggest expenses but it was worth it because this is what the kids look forward too and also we made sure we had rides(attractions) for all ages.
23 years 2 months ago #88471 by Dottie
I am just wondering how safe these Bungee Runs, Sumo Wrestling and bounce houses are? Have you used them and would you use them again. We had schedule to have these plus a train for our carnival and now I'm wondering if this was a smart choice or not.
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