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Cow pie bingo

15 years 11 months ago #143057 by mseg16222
Replied by mseg16222 on topic RE: Cow pie bingo
Do you need any type of gaming license for this? We have been wanting to do this for a few years.
15 years 11 months ago #142629 by pc_nanna
Replied by pc_nanna on topic RE: Cow pie bingo
We had a Cow Chip Bingo planned this spring..You need to talk with coaches about Football Field to lay off squares, a farmer or owner of cows, decide how much $[25 or more] per square, the amount of prize[% of amount of total take], print tickets. You turn the cow loose and the first squares it drops in wins... Some schools also draw names from hat and give smaller prizes to name drawn, to equal 1 big prize $2000. 3 smaller $500, $250, $100. last 3 are from the tickets you put in the hat...Good Luck..
15 years 11 months ago #142459 by barb_r
Replied by barb_r on topic RE: Cow pie bingo
We have a local enema company that for years has wanted to partner with us and do this. We just haven't yet... not entirely sure why. :)
15 years 11 months ago #142455 by shoarenough
Replied by shoarenough on topic RE: Cow pie bingo
Here's how you do this, step by step

You pick a field (preferably one visible for weeks ahead of time) and do what you need to do to be able to use it. Most folks will volunteer its use after hay baling season.

Make sure you can get a cow loaned to you. Make sure that person will be responsible for transporting it back and forth (using their insurance). You need to make plans to feed and water the cow while he or she is in your care. You need to have volunteers available to help unload and load the cow back into the trailer after the event.

Make sure it's OK to do this in your area - it is considered a gambling event.

Then you post a nice sign about what you are planning to do and when. Make sure you list who people can contact for tickets. Sometimes on a slow news day, you can get free publicity.

Decide on how many tickets you want to sell. You basically need to decide how many squares you can fit in a certain area. The bigger the squares, the better, or else you can have a situation where one pile is on several squares. Decide on a fair price and a fair prize. For instance, charge $10 a square for $1000 prize. That's fair.

Print on the back side of your tickets or post in several places the rules of the event. Give so many hours for the cow to work, or a drawing will take place. Specify who will draw the ticket (I suggest a child). Specify how big the squares will be and how big the field of squares will be. Specify how many tickets will be sold. Don't let people pick their squares or else you'll never get your tickets all sold.

Three to four days prior to the event, begin marking out the size of the field, the squares, etc. This will generate even more interest among passersby and result in ticket sales. It's also good to put up a sign listing "Just ___ tickets left!"

Use spray paint in a DARK color to mark the field! Don't use chalk or anything light colored. MAKE SURE YOU USE A RULER TO MARK THE SQUARES - don't get those folks who think they can sight everything out. Paint numbers on each square to correspond with the numbers on your tickets.

Put up portable fencing that will prevent the cow from being able to get out. You can sometimes rent that or get it loaned to you from a contractor or even a farmer. You must prevent people from being able to get into the fenced in area. You must also put enough space between the fence and the people watching to prevent someone from feeding the cow.

Unload the cow well away from the area. They will definitely poop either during loading or unloading. You don't want that to get on a square and ruin the event before it starts.

Things to watch for:
1. Unscrupulous people who will try to feed the cow something that will harm the cow. There are medicines available in feed and seed stores to make the cow poop. This can hurt the cow unless given by someone who knows what they are doing.
2. People who want to pet the cow and get stepped on or worse by the cow.
3. People who try to hawk their tickets when a few hours have gone by. They will try to buy the tickets of others in the areas where the cow seems to be hanging out.
4. It's OK for people to try to call the cow over to their square. It actually makes it more exciting! But they shouldn't be allowed to actually get to the cow.
18 years 3 months ago #88794 by gjohnson
Replied by gjohnson on topic RE: Cow pie bingo
I suggest doing a search on the Internet for the rules. I looked at doing this a couple of years ago but didn't due to timing and other things. The one rule I found that I thought was interesting was what to do if the "pie" lands on the line between squares. I think they had a surveyor as a judge who could determine which square had the largest portion in it.
18 years 3 months ago #88793 by Shawn
Replied by Shawn on topic RE: Cow pie bingo
It pretty easy, you lay out a big square sectioned off into squares (just like a bingo card but with all available letters, numbers)
Everyone gets a bingo card.
Let the cow peruse the field and when it does its business and drops a cow chip, Bingo you got the winning bingo combo.

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