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Basket themes

23 years 2 months ago #89034 by pamom
Replied by pamom on topic RE: Basket themes
Thanks for the insight Momof5boys. That's one thing that I am concerned with and have been trying to anticipate is the size of basket/container. I included in my letters to the teachers and the parents to keep in mind that they will be put into a basket so not to contribute something too large, but with an average of 21 kids per classroom that could add up.

Thanks again.
23 years 3 months ago #89033 by momof 5boys
Replied by momof 5boys on topic RE: Basket themes
Just a word of warning...
When you go out to get the baskets or containers for your items, be sure they are plenty large. I assembled the theme baskets for our auction last year and the larger the container the better. Some of the themes had so much donated that we even had to make more than one basket for that room.
23 years 3 months ago #89032 by pamom
Replied by pamom on topic RE: Basket themes
We are having each of our classes for the first time do a theme basket as a class project. The teachers were given some suggested themes and asked to have the students participate in choosing or making one up of their own. Most of the themes I suggested have already been listed in the other two responses. I am having each teacher turn in their theme choice in the next two weeks so that I may then attempt to shop for the basket (or container) which would work best. The teachers were also provided with a letter to send to the parents informing them of the theme basket and what themed item they should be purchasing as well as when to have it to the school. Our PTO is providing the basket, wrap, bow, and a card which will list the class which donated it as well as the contents. Each class will prpare their basket as part of the project. This should also help with a team environment.
23 years 3 months ago #89031 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: Basket themes
The baskets are very popular and a lot of fun. Topics are as endless as the imagination. We are working on our list now. We started with a general list of topics teachers could choose, or they could write in their own. Last year, our coordinator also got really creative with the containers, like putting the "Car Wash" supplies in big bucket and the "Barbeque" stuff in a cooler. Also - here's quick tip, if you do a basket of movies targeted for grownups (rather than kiddie stuff like Disney), watch the wording when you start writing your lists and signs. "Adult Movie Basket" gets some very interesting reactions. Of course, it might have been a REALLY good seller...

Here's our list (and we had lots of multiples):
Arts and Crafts Basket
Baby Boy Basket
Baby Girl Basket
Baking Basket
Barbie Basket
BBQ Basket
Beach Basket
Beanie Baby Basket
Book Basket
Car Wash Basket
Children's Bath Basket
Children's Book Basket
Children's Gardening Basket
Children's Movie Basket
Chocolate Basket
Dress Up Basket
Facial Basket
Games Basket
Hot Wheels Basket
Mexican Food Basket
Movie Basket
Nail Care Basket
Pasta Basket
Pokemon Basket
Puzzle Basket
Sundae Basket
Teacher Basket
Texas Basket

Have Fun!!
23 years 3 months ago #89030 by momof 5boys
Replied by momof 5boys on topic RE: Basket themes
Our silent auction and carnival are coming up on April 21st. We just gave out the basket themes to the teachers. Some of our ideas are...
school tools
bath and body
fun in the sun
reading age 8 and up
reading age 7 and under
art and crafts
fun in the tub
coffee and tea time
Hope this helps!
23 years 3 months ago #89029 by lanie
Basket themes was created by lanie
We are thinking of having the classes bring in things for a basket to raffle off. Any ideas for different themes?
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