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Items for Silent Auction

22 years 8 months ago #89195 by Norman
Replied by Norman on topic RE: Items for Silent Auction
Here are a few things to suggest for a Silent or Live auction:
Autographed sports items from Pro Teams in your state, tickets to those Pro Sports games, a day trip to a Pro Sports Training camp, a week or weekend at a vacation home on a lake/beach/mountains, photo collage of classroom activities for one day, if your school has an elevator (used for handicapped only) a week’s pass for non-handicapped for 1-4 students, privileged parking space for a month/2 months etc., a package deal of a dessert-a-week or month (which could be divided up among several parents from one class, swimming pool party for 10, guided trip with a teacher as the guide to a museum/park/zoo/play/fishing trip etc., an old trunk full of "dress up" clothes like big floppy hats, fur pieces, wraps, frilly things, etc., principal for a morning/afternoon.

Of course, anything made by the kids will do well also, such as, a scrapbook with quotes from the younger grade students with their answers to questions like "How does Mommy Exercise? (Daddy Chases her around the house J ) ; How do you cook a turkey?; etc. and the kinds of questions you would hear on Candid Camera.

If you can get the talents of someone to sew a quilt with panels painted or sew by the kids; handpainted ceramic tiles painted by the kids and placed on a table top etc., and any other hand crafted items that the whole class can each have a part in making.

Hope this helps.

Norman O’Neal
President, Auctioneers Association of Maryland
22 years 8 months ago #89194 by Rhonda
Items for Silent Auction was created by Rhonda
I need new ideas for items for our silent auction. We need new and fresh ideas. We already do baskets and gift certificates. Any ideas would help

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