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Event Scholarships

22 years 8 months ago #89704 by dg
Replied by dg on topic RE: Event Scholarships
the pto i am with had an idea to award scholarships to kids who decide that they didn't want to go to college right away. we wanted to target the 'underdog'. we have done it two years in a row now. we hold an essay contest and have the kids write a reflection of what has made an impact on them being raised in a small town such as Northport, WA (our town). we award the 2 winning seniors with a $100 scholarship at graduation when all the other scholarships are given to a select few. we hoped by doing this the 'underdog' would come out and participate. we pto'ers would read and judge the essays according to the topic and how well the senior describes his/her experience. the winners are inevitably the ones who get all the college scholarships any way. the new officers have a challenge on their hands to try to meet our goal of helping the graduating 'underdog' and still come off as unbiased! so, judging by best whatever won't get that underpriveledged kid a shot! good luck.
22 years 8 months ago #89703 by intomykids
Replied by intomykids on topic RE: Event Scholarships
We offer scholarships for kids this way. The teacher (who announces at the begining of the year that help is available) sends a note to the principal with the name of the student. The principal comes to us with an amount only. We never know the name of the child who needs help. We have mostly done this for field trips and science camp but would probably consider doing it for other school events.

One family who needed help paid us back, via money orders, a little at a time. This was, of course, not expected. It did really make all of us feel good though!
22 years 8 months ago #89702 by Marion
Replied by Marion on topic RE: Event Scholarships
I have to agree that being PTO president is a real eyeopener to the problems some kids have.

Our PTO routinely gives "scholarships" for field trips, afterschool activities, book fair, etc. The biggest problem we have is how to be discrete. No one wants to point out to the other kids that someone can't afford something. The teachers and principal know that they can come to us and say a kid can't afford an event (we don't ask which kid.) Usually the school arranges late buses for afterschool events (like sports or enrichment programs.) We considered getting buses or vans for evening programs, but there was little or no interest.

The problem with selecting a kid based upon character or performance is you'll often end up selecting kids who don't need the financial help, while kids who do need the help (and who might really benefit from these types of events) don't get selected.

I'm not sure if accepting boxtops would help. Often kids in need don't get premium cereals like Cheerios, but get the store brand (or if they're like a lot of kids at our school, they get breakfast at school not at home.) Soup labels are pretty much worthless.

Have you spoken w/ the principal and teachers? They have a really good idea of what kids need, and often have good ideas on how to help the kids.

Good luck, let us know how you work this.

22 years 8 months ago #89701 by Delene
Event Scholarships was created by Delene
My daughter was a kindergartener this year and this is the first time I was involved with many people I did not know first hand. Two things I've noticed were that we a had a lot of generous givers (volunteering time, money, and other aid), but we also have many in need. One boy in particular always seemed to get sick or in trouble the day of an afterschool event because his mother could not afford it or did not have a car to get him to the event. His pride always stopped him from letting us help.
I have an idea and I would like some opinions on it. I would like to begin event scholarships for events such as popcorn day, dances, field trips, movie nights and such. Children would be chosen by grades, good choices, and responsibility.

The other idea I have for less fortunate children to be able to participate is to put a value to fundraiser items we collect such as box tops. Basically and event would cost X amount of dollars or x amount of box tops or x amount of can labels.

BE CRITICAL, I don't want to go into this blinded by ideals. Give me your true gut feelings. Thank You Delene
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