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Internet Fundraising

23 years 1 month ago #89777 by paixmonde
Replied by paixmonde on topic RE: Internet Fundraising
Try making your own "School Cookbook". If you published it yourself and sold the books for around $8.00 each you would make a nice profit. Feature ads from local businesses and ask those businesses to sell a few books for your school. Sell ads for $5 - $20.
There are plenty of resources on the net for bookbook ideas.
23 years 2 months ago #89776 by DolphinBooster
Internet Fundraising was created by DolphinBooster
Sorry if I missed seeing a discussion of this elsewhere in the forum...

Last fall we signed up for the MaxBack program, (ink cartridge recycling and internet purchase credits). I sent a notice of this to all my Booster (our PTO) parents who had email. One parent came absolutely unglued, accusing us of "robbing " our local merchants of sales by encouraging parents to purchase goods online. Not wanting to insult our local merchants, who generously and frequently donate to our school, our PTO opted to not announce our MaxBack affiliation to the entire school. While I understand their feelings (we are in an economically depressed, remotely located coastal community) I also felt that many parents will buy online anyway and we are missing a tremendous opportunity, by not participating in this program school-wide.

Has anyone out there encountered the same sort of situation? What do you suggest?

We do fall catalog sales, spring candy sales, a carnival, book fair, and a bazaar. We are considering a walkathon but doubt we can push much more fundraising programs on our school.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
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