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Dr Suess Birthday Party

23 years 4 months ago #90679 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: Dr Suess Birthday Party
At our school we also invite community leaders and school leaders to read in each class room. We so this during the school day and usually have more than enough people to get the job done. We even use our head janitor, Bill. The kids love seeing him in another light and he must love what he does, he never says no! Last year the PTO held a silent auction of a really neat Dr. Suess shirt that we received for free as a sample and it went for 50.00 in the teachers lounge!! Any one else have a good idea??
23 years 4 months ago #90678 by EarlDTaft
Replied by EarlDTaft on topic RE: Dr Suess Birthday Party
Our school has a reading night to celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday. We set a schedule for a 2 hour period that every 15 minutes (including travel time), a new story starts. The children & their families move throughout the school to the different rooms that have the stories they want to hear. The readers are various teachers in the school district, local politicians & town leaders, that kind of thing.

Upon arrival, programs are handed out so the kids know what stories are being read in what rooms.

With a school population of 800 plus students, we set up 20-25 stories so there is no overcrowding in any one room.

We always have a huge turn-out & the kids have a great time!

Oh, & the readers are always wearing their Dr. Seuss hats!! It is quite a sight!

23 years 4 months ago #90677 by ewpto
Dr Suess Birthday Party was created by ewpto
Im looking for some new ideas for the reading day celebration in March for Dr Suess birthday...anyone try anything new last year that was a huge school has about 600 in need of some new ideas!!
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