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RE: Fall festival queen/king

4 years 8 months ago #173215 by Liz L
Replied by Liz L on topic RE: Fall festival queen/king
Ginger, that post is 14 years old so you're not likely to get a reply but our PTO/PTA leaders group on Facebook is a good source for ideas and information. Feel free to ask there whether anyone has done a fall fest and if they promoted it in their newsletter:
4 years 9 months ago #173185 by Ginger Chandler
Replied by Ginger Chandler on topic RE: Fall festival queen/king
do you have a newsletter that informs the parents about this and if so would you share it?
18 years 9 months ago #90859 by pottsvillemom
We also have a king and queen contest, but every child participates. They all collect money and for every 50 cents collected, they get 1 ticket for our Harvest Hoedown. We raise THOUSANDS with this. It has gotten so big that now we have princes and princesses. We had over 50 kids bring in at least $100 and ten or so bring in $250 or more apiece.

We make it fun and the teachers are great motivators. We combine the king/queen/Hoe Down/spaghetti supper/silent auction all into one night. It is our only fundraiser and parents are glad to get it done and over with.

It is usually the first Friday night in October. It's coming up!!
18 years 9 months ago #90858 by SON UP TO SON DOWN
Fall festival queen/king was created by SON UP TO SON DOWN
Hi. I was wondering if anyone can share some advice. Our PTO has had the queen/king fundraiser for a few years now. To me, the only problem is that which ever boy and girl raises the most amount of money, wins the title. I just dont see the point in this. What happens is teachers nominate students from each grade. And then those students raise money in their on way, on their own time, the top boy and the top girl wins. Moral, is what I think is lost here. I love to have the king/queen however, I think we should drop the $$$$ and just have the kids vote. However, this is basically our #1 fundraiser. Any advice???
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