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Need group game for Spring Fling

23 years 2 months ago #91254 by MicheleC
Replied by MicheleC on topic RE: Need group game for Spring Fling
What about an informational scavenger hunt? We do a trivia hunt to encourage folks to interact and learn about the school, but you could put a different spin on it and have it some other kind of a contest where awards can be given out for different reasons (first to complete the list, most enthusiastic team, most helpful to others, etc... Here is the listing of questions we used this past fall for the trivia hunt. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we gave away school cookbooks to the "winners". We made a point of mentioning that everyone was considered winners if they took the time to do the hunt and/or helped a neighbor who was new to the school and didn't have the first clue as to where to find the answers....and these were not questions that answers could be faked or guessed at! Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

PS The questions were set up in a bingo-like grid, but that wouldn't be necessary really for the worksheet. We also did this at a family reunion with family related questions. What a hoot! Everyone at the reunion had a blast!!



Family Name: _______________________________

Phone: ____________________ Grade: _______

What year was Webster Hill School opened?

Who is the "keeper of the bandaids"?

What is our school mascot?

What are the names of all the "specials" teachers?

What is Parent Link and how do you reach it?

What are the "school colors" for Webster Hill School?

How many classrooms are there at Webster Hill School?

Who raises the flag at Webster Hill (by name)?

What is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the PTO?

What time does school start each day? What if you are late?

What teacher dresses as a cowboy every Halloween?

Who hiked up a volcano this summer?

Who comes to school dressed in pajamas and why?

What song does every student at Webster Hill learn in first grade?

What does PTO stand for?

What is the name of the weekly newsletter sent home?

What is a POW WOW?

Get the signature of three people wearing red.

Get the initials of four people with green eyes.

What are three events held during the annual Field Day in June?

What is the nickname of the 4th & 5th grade wing?

What is the location of the 5th grade trip? And when do they go?

Name 4 themes of the baskets from the spring basket raffle.

What is the address of Webster Hill School?
What special thing will be added to the Media Center and why?

In what grade are you allowed to ride your bike to school?

Name 4 members of the PTO Board this year.
Name 3 events from the PTO Calendar.

Get the initials of 3 people wearing yellow.
Where are the Fun-Runs held?

What is the name of Webster Hill's "Officer Friendly" from the West Hartford Police Dept.?

Who serves as the Webster Hill Webmaster?
To where do the butterflies from our courtyard fly?

Name the kindergarten teachers.

What does CMT stand for?

What is the Museum Express and who oversees it?

What grade runs the school store and what is available there?

What is the BoxTops for Education program?
What is the name of our school crossing guard?

What television station is hooked into Webster Hills' weather station?

Name and signature of someone whose birthday is in the month of September.

From what grade are the students in Daisy and Tiger Scouts?

What is the name of the in-school mail service?

Name at least two teachers who got married this summer.

During what month is the school fair?

23 years 2 months ago #91253 by JHB
Our elementary is organizing a Spring Fling family event which will take place from about 6:00-8:30pm on May 3rd. There will be several things going on at the school including: concessions and Bingo in the cafeteria, Sock Hop in the Gymn, Silent Auction (Baskets) in the Foyer, BookFair in the Library. However, we won't know until mid-April whether or not our Bingo license has been approved. I need suggestions for a backup game for a crowd of adults where prizes can be awarded, just in case our application is denied. (No, we can't just do something exactly like Bingo and call it another name - that's illegal.) We expect100-200 adults and Bingo was very popular last time. We prefer something that lots of people can play at once. Remember, this is going to be an almost last minute backup. We don't really want to organize anything complicated like a Casino night. We are looking for something fairly simple. Any ideas for a replacement game would be very much appreciated.
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