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How many heads can you spray (paint) with 3.5 ounces of hair paint?

16 years 10 months ago #130698 by jenn2110
We went through about 25-30 cans of spray at our carnival. We just buy from the dollar store. If you have unopened cans leftover, just take them back.

We also purchased plastic table cloths from the dollar store and cut in half. Use these with a clothespin and make your own "barber shop cape". It kept clothes clean.

We also used a cheap paper plate and put a jumbo popsicle stapled to it to make a face protector for the kids so their forehead didn't get covered with spray.

And don't forget latex gloves for the volunteers. The spray gets all over their hands and it's a mess.

And a note on the spray. Make sure you do not get the "black light" spray. This means it only shows up under a black light - it's clear not the color on the cap. We learned this the hard way. And for dark colored hair - we sprayed white spray on first, then the color. It showed up a lot better.

Have a fun carnival.
16 years 10 months ago #130697 by ttnc4me
ldhunter, I actually attempted a purchase through egoodtimeattractions first, last week, and a few days after it was submitted, they emailed me to let me know that the color hair spray cans (along with 5 other items in my order) were out of stock.:-( Now, back to step 1.

Robin - I LOVE the raffle idea!! Thanks!
16 years 10 months ago #130655 by ScottMom#1
Ok, How many licks does it take to get to the inside of a Tootsie Pop; just like your question, the world may never know!!!
I can tell you we buy ours at Walmart whenever it is on clearance. I've also bought it on ebay and at party supply stores. Shipping on it seems to be murder so I try to buy locally.
In all honesty, we had 3 people running a booth that never stopped and we went through roughly 36 cans in 3 hours of nonstop, but it really does depend on a lot of variables: pressure applied, coverage, head size, hair color, hair length, experience and even how good the sprayer is on the can.
Gosh, that all makes it sound harder than it is. Just buy an amount you feel good about and close the booth if you sell out.

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16 years 10 months ago #130649 by my3strongtikes
I laughed when I read this too. Not sure either we have never done this.

My suggestion would be to get the capes that a beauty parlor uses or maybe old towel with clip to go over their clothes while its being done and it wouldnt ruin the clothes.

Have fun

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16 years 10 months ago #130646 by pals
I had to laugh when I saw this thread because only in the pto world would someone actually have to know this info. I have no clue, but if is anything like shaving cream you get alot! I bought 15 cans for reading night and had 11 left, of course they were just writing letters in it!

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16 years 10 months ago #130639 by RobinD
i know this is probably a no-brainer, but I am going to say it anyway! ( have learned this from experience with it!)

If it rains... and the event is outside, the kids will have that hairpaint dripping all over their clothes.

If it's windy.. watch where the "overspray" goes..

If you have to move the event indoors.. spray over newspapers.. and in a WELL ventilated area.. that stuff has horribly strong fumes.

Have a raffle ( even if it's free) to have someone win the chance to spray a good-natured teacher's ( principal or VP even better!) hair.
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