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People As Reading Partners

22 years 8 months ago #92097 by juliedio
Replied by juliedio on topic RE: People As Reading Partners
PARP is a major event in our school. The teachers perform a kickoff play for the students, which introduces the theme. This year was "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" The teachers are all kooky contestants and the Superintendant is Regis. (Funny-the younger students all think his name is really Regis!) The fastest finger winner was the principal. Whe gets all the way to the $500,000 level when the show ends. Suddenly the stage manager (a Kindergarten teacher) rushes in and says they just realized they don't have $1,000,000. What to do? They are going to be $5000 short.The students are challenged to bring in a "Book Buck" for every 15 minutes they read at home. After a month, the teachers do a finale where the principal asks the audience. The final answer is READING. The teachers also perform "If I Had A Million Dollars." It was great. Our PTO coordinated this with our Spring Book Fair. Scholastic gave a free book to every child in the school for us selling $1800 worth of books. Our profit margin was slightly lower, but not all that much. The books were wonderful and there were 2 or 3 titles per grade level for the kids to choose from. We will continue to do this in the future with Scholastic, as the feed back from the teachers and students was terrific.
22 years 8 months ago #92096 by Delene
Replied by Delene on topic RE: People As Reading Partners
Elderlafune, I take it your principal is a guy. Ours is a lady and she wears dresses regularly. But I know she would come up with something fun if she had that much participation for a reading event. I'm not familiar with it so please give me some more detailed information. I would love to incorporate academic activities into our calendar next year. Thanks Delene
22 years 11 months ago #92095 by Ederlafune
Replied by Ederlafune on topic RE: People As Reading Partners
For the first week, we are giving all the people who fulfill their weekly goal a certificate to be redeemed at our bookfair in April, week two they get pencils and bookmarks, week three a pizza coupon from Pizza Hut and those who complete the full four week program get a t-shirt and receive a certificate at the assembly.
Also, if our school reaches 80% participation, our principal will be doning a dress for the day.
Woo Hoo!!!
22 years 11 months ago #92094 by swhitford
People As Reading Partners was created by swhitford
For the next couple of weeks our Elementary School PTA is sponsoring "People As Reading Partners". We have given the students a goal to reach by a certain date. My question is what are the other schools giving as prizes to the children who reach their goal? We have had some suggestions like gift certificates, water bottles etc. The thing is that we have 600 children in our school and although I'm sure not every child will participate we can't assume that.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions.
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