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Pizza Hut Night Info Needed

18 years 10 months ago #92275 by smenny13
We have done the Pizza Hut nights a few times. They were all a good sucess. You should be able to get all your info from your local Pizza Hut. I set all my stuff up with them and they give me a flier that has the voucher on it and then we make the copies. The thing I like best about Pizza Hut is it is an all day fundraiser and it counts for dine-in, carry-out or delivery. Hope that helps
18 years 10 months ago #92274 by Michelle B
We've talked to businesses about doing this and generally have been directed to the local corporate office or GM. Call one of your local Pizza Huts and ask them who you talk to you about it? It may just be done out of their store but either way, I'd start there.
18 years 10 months ago #92273 by my3strongtikes
Does anyone know where I can find the info for doing a Pizza Hut Night Fundraiser? Where the students get a voucher they can eat at the restauant and the proceeds go to the school.
Has anyone else done this and has it worked out?


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