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RE: computer raffles

23 years 5 months ago #92359 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: computer raffles
I started a computer raffle two years ago...the parents loved well as the school staff. We checked with our states lottery division and were told we did not need any special license. After we had the raffle (we made $4000.00 total profit) our principal found out we had violated school board policy by allowing the students to handle tickets...even if it was just to carry them home in bookbags to their parents. They told us if we wanted to do that again each parent could come in to the school and pick the tickets up in person and return the money themselves...after much thought we decided not to have it again. Needless to say everyone was very disappointed:-(
23 years 5 months ago #92358 by toomanyhats!
Replied by toomanyhats! on topic RE: computer raffles
You may want to check with your state to make sure that you do not need a raffle license before you begin this process. Many states require them for any kind of raffle, even schools. Also, most raffle monies must be spent within one calendar year. Good luck!
23 years 5 months ago #92357 by adkt78
computer raffles was created by adkt78
I am trying to raise money with our pto for a scholarshipfund for alumni from our elementry school if anyone has sold rafle tickets for a computer or any big item please help me eith the set up f ours thanks
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