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PTO, Boy Scouts, & ACLU

18 years 1 month ago #101822 by mom2m&a
Replied by mom2m&a on topic RE: PTO, Boy Scouts, & ACLU
Your PTO group is most certainly legally and financially liable for any Boy Scout or Cub Scout group you charter. If the group told you otherwise they are misinformed. Each year any money they have earned needs to be included in your group's federal tax forms (if you file them). Any equipment they own actually belongs to your group and not theirs, since the charter organization is really the legal owner of the troop or pack. Also, your group is supposed to be doing at least minimal background checks on the adult volunteers that are with the pack or troop. You are supposed to make phone calls (some groups do an actual background check) to try and verify that they aren't a risk to the boys. By signing that recharter every year you are agreeing to be the group that is ultimately responsible for everything the pack or troop does. And your group can get in a heck of a lot of trouble if one of the adult volunteers does turn out to be a problem.

The good news is that this stuff doesn't happen very often. But unfortunately, the way the BSA handles its organization (by making the charters responsible instead of BSA itself) it puts all the risk on you and none on them.

My personal feeling is that a parent-teacher group should never agree to be the charter of a Scout group. Don't think I'm against Scouts - I'm not and I have two boys very involved and I am a volunteer with our pack. But in my other "job" as president of our parent group I would never put our group at risk by chartering a Scout group.
18 years 1 month ago #101821 by <What2do?>
Replied by <What2do?> on topic RE: PTO, Boy Scouts, & ACLU
Having signed a "contract" as a President of a chartering organization (PTO) for a local Boy Scout group, I am now convinced that next year we might have to gracefully decline this role. As stated earlier, it has always been presented as "no big deal, just a formality". I was reassured when we were not liable financially or otherwise(so they said)that we were being good community/school citizens. I guess I need to research this a bit further. I appreciate all of the input and insight into this issue.
18 years 1 month ago #101820 by oddmanout
Replied by oddmanout on topic RE: PTO, Boy Scouts, & ACLU
The original question was in regards to PTO,s and Scoutinng.Schools are public buildings open to use by anyone filling out the paperwork and abiding by the rules set by the school board. PTO has no say in this matter. Pto's may charter or sponser other groups, but, I do not believe this is wise as the pto is try to support the school as a whole. So quit worrying about what you think is wrong with everyone else and concentrate on raising good people. (kids are baby goats)
18 years 2 months ago #101819 by Renee S
Replied by Renee S on topic RE: PTO, Boy Scouts, & ACLU
Sorry you had **appy times. I agree with Shawn.
Maybe you should of just told your son no scouts because you have other things going on. By saying it was because he's an atheist is making him feel different & you are teaching him to be a bigot. Please learn to get along with everyone. I don't shove my religion down anyones throat so I would hope nobody would shove theirs down mine. There is nothing wrong in believing in God or not but don't judge people for their beliefs. The BSA was founded through religion so why should that change.
Why should this country have to change because of a few people. Some people complain about this or that & America should change for them. Well this country wasn't founded to suit a few people. We should be able to live together. I don't care if one believes in God or not (but I do) or this or that or someone is gay. It doesn't change who the person is. It is their right. I don't agree with the ones who say 'well, I'm this or that so the world should change for me.' If one doesn't like what America stands for then catch the next plane to another country. What would happen to these countries if America pulled all our troops home & closed all our foreign bases?
18 years 2 months ago #101818 by Shawn
Shawn loves everyone but doesnt agree and has had a really really really (get the idea- rhymes with snappy) and starts with a C couple of weeks.

<font size=""1""><font color="#"black"">Liberalism is not an affilation its a curable disease. </font></font><br /><br><font color="#"gray"">~Wisdom of Shawnshuefus</font><br /><br><font color="#"blue""><font size=""1"">The punishment which the wise suffer, who refuse to take part in government, is...
18 years 2 months ago #101817 by Shawn

Originally posted by Shawn:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by trehar:
I support the BSA in their right to exist, but if they only want god-fearing straight people, then they need to recruit at churches.

This America, dear. They can recruit anywhere they are welcome. Just because someone does not opine to your point of view does not make them discriminatory or bigots (us whom believe in a higher being and/or hetero lifestyles) are not neccessarily bigots or discriminatorees (for lack of a better word)

It happens both ways
Check out San Francisco where they (and the worthless ACLU) discriminate against Godfearing people and heterosexuals and waste taxpayer money performing nonlawful "unions" (and I'm not against 'em but the law is the law) and passing resolutions for the President to resign, and not letting the Boy scouts use public spaces.

There's a heck of a lot more better things to fight about... like, 'child abuse, lack of quality education, ecology, the economy than whether we agree their is or isnt a god (just dont utter it in the Scout Oath, Pledge of Allegience or whatever creed) that just lame (and this isnt pointed at previous post in a mean manner- I just dont understand)

Scouts has a heck of a lot to offer, even if they acknowledge God, is their a reason(s) your son cant participate- just because he's atheist?

What does camping, making a fire, earning merit badges, volunteer service, environmental learning, and the rest have to do with wether someone utters God in the Oath and doesnt let homosexuals (lack of better term?) be leaders? </font>[/QUOTE]and does that mean that only gay/atheist groups can recruit at the school? What if someones aginst that? Everyone should be able to recruit, drop of flyers at a school as long as its not racial (sorry but sexual orientation-is not valid)

I dont understand the if you dont think my way you shouldnt be able to do this or that... Its kinda like the people that hate Howard Stern.. he's filthy hes immoral SO WHat Dont listen (tune into his station)if ya dont like it.. then you'll never know)

The Constitution of the United States guarantees Freedom to Practice Religion NOT, I repeat not Freedom FROM Religion (Separation of Church and State is a whole other matter- the Congress shall make no laws pertaining to religion- ie. National Religion, like Ex- Soviet Blocs) it doesnt say their cant be- I could write another couple of Thesis papers on this.... and the gay non-issue of rights

[ 03-17-2006, 04:39 AM: Message edited by: Shawn ]

<font size=""1""><font color="#"black"">Liberalism is not an affilation its a curable disease. </font></font><br /><br><font color="#"gray"">~Wisdom of Shawnshuefus</font><br /><br><font color="#"blue""><font size=""1"">The punishment which the wise suffer, who refuse to take part in government, is...
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