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Handling fundraising money

8 years 1 week ago #170261 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Handling fundraising money
Hi there bjgaines04,
It obvious you've put your heart and soul into your PTO. So, the first question, really, is do you want to continue as part of the group? If you do, then it probably makes sense to pull out the bylaws and look at what it says about elections. Is the group supposed to do this each year? If so, do you have time to schedule elections? Saying this so you are following the rules and your group is not going to get called out for not doing so.

Is the treasurer still involved in the group? Will he or she want to run again?

As far as others opening the mail and taking checks -- take a look to see who these checks are made out to. You are correct if the check is made out to the PTO, it's the PTO's money and should be deposited in the PTO bank account.

8 years 1 week ago #170253 by bjgaines04
Hello, I have been the Pres. our my daughters school PTO for nearly 3 years because we have such a lack of parent support. While I was voted in mid year I have gone thru two full terms know. No teachers or School Principles have ever come to our meetings. All of a sudden they are coming to our meeting s as well as opening our mail. We have tried to correspond and be open about what we have been doing, what we would like to do and so on. No secrets, just lack of staff to make comments as well as give us some feed back. All of a sudden the Principle asks me when we will be holding elections. Well when there is nobody at our meetings in the first place and the few that come have already said they wouldn't take this position on to save their soul. What do I do. From what I have heard is the Teachers at one point were the PTO and they got burned out. The teachers were always the Treasures. nothing was ever really voted on. They had by laws but didn't follow them and now we do. All of a sudden they are opening all our mail and checks from like Box Tops and Kroger's those like quarterly checks that are donation s. Why all of a sudden. Our Treasure is right on with all the money. A report was not available at the meeting that all of a sudden everyone came to because her father had fallen very ill two days prior and was out of state. She wasn't able to email the report to take to the meeting as she only types and doesn't have email. At our last meeting I was so disturbed I went to the School superintendent and asked him to sit in on a meeting and he as well looked at our statement before we did and then when the report was read he had the audacity to ask if we had seen it. Like he was surprised that it was penny on. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. BUT I FEEL THAT IF YOU ARE NOT AN OFFICER AND IT IS ADDRESSED TO THE PTO IT SHOULD BE OPENED BY THE PRESIDENT. I am at ends with the teachers, principle and just feel like what the heck am I wasting my time for. I am a single mother with three jobs and an 8yr old. I only agreed to this to be a part of her school and instead I feel like I am the biggest shmuck EVER to walk the halls and help out our school. And what really makes it bad this is small town were I thought it would be a great place to meet other moms and create friendships which I have. However one of our selling points to become a member of the PTO is to be more involved with your child and the activities he/does at school is a joke because the teachers don't ant you to be. They don't even support our events.
17 years 3 months ago #128594 by judithben
I agree money should always be counted and verified by more than one person. But I do believe that one person needs to do all the transactions because to many people handling money can cause a lot of mistakes.
17 years 4 months ago #127535 by Unregistered
Replied by Unregistered on topic RE: Handling fundraising money
Our school is even more troublesome and I ask for your advice. They have refused to release any of their meeting records or expenditure records to the public. Is that legal? It immediately makes us nervous and we believe that there must have been some shenanigans.

We found out that a lot of the money from the fundraiser was given out as cash gifts to the teachers without any expectation of how they spend the money. I was furious. It's not that teachers don't deserve more money, but it's that we donated or raised money with different expectations. Now when we asked for the records they refused and claim since they are essentially a private company, they don't have to release records. What do you think?
17 years 4 months ago #127523 by Shawn

Noberly;126817 wrote: Administration insists they have the right and will continue to open our mail despite our protests.

You need to contact the local post office- IT IS a FEDERAL offence to open someome elses mail. Especially a bank statement....

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17 years 4 months ago #127521 by mommytlc
We also have a two person rule. After the money gets counted, it gets locked in the school office until we can get to the bank.
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