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Does the PTO need to file a tax return?

5 years 4 days ago #173119 by Liz L
That's good feedback, gjcoram. It's our understanding that the IRS is generally really understanding about this kind of thing with parent groups. Thanks for sharing. Liz from PTO Today
5 years 1 week ago #173117 by gjcoram
The first PTO I joined had twice gotten an EIN from the IRS (and had filed Articles of Incorporation with the state), but had never filed Form 1023 (nor any 990n/ez). The people at the IRS non-profits help line were always very friendly and helpful. I filed 3 back years of 990ez; we appealed the fines for late filing; and we filed Form 1023 and got our 501(c)(3) status.
5 years 1 week ago #173114 by Liz L
You can get your status reinstated with another filing fee and by completing Form 990-EZ for the years you did not complete the forms. Here's a helpful IRS link about reinstatement that will hopefully help:

Good luck.
Liz from PTO Today
5 years 2 weeks ago #173105 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Does the PTO need to file a tax return?
I am part of a PTO that has obviously filed an AOI with the state because they have there own EIN number on the PTO’s bank account. I don’t know if the PTO ever filed a 1023ez with the IRS to obtain an501(c)(3) status. Even if they did, the PTO has not filed the 990n form with the IRS for the past 3 years, so the status has lapsed. Therefore, we have established ourself as a corporation with the state, not sure if we are incorporated or not, and we have not been filing a tax return. We are a small PTO, at most we’ve only ever accumulated 15,000. I am assuming we are considered a for profit PTO? Do we need to file? What does that involve? How much?
17 years 2 months ago #129982 by JHB
The question from Allys5 regarding playground funds is also running as a separate thread (Help!). Why don't we share any responses there and not take this one off on a tangent? It's really easier for everyone to have a question/discussion in one specific place.
17 years 2 months ago #129960 by mum24kids
I disagree with WFS here. If they are saying that they need it deposited to a 501(c)3, then I think they're in a situation where they have a donor who wants to deduct this $3k as a charitable contribution. Since the preschool is not a 501(c)3, they wouldn't be able to provide the donor with the documentation he needs to deduct this.

I doubt they're trying to avoid paying taxes; they probably just weren't smart enough to set themselves up as a charitable organization.

The $75,000 donation from last year is huge!!!! Your group must have had the responsibility to send a thank you letter to whomever it came from, right? Your PTO should have included that on your tax return, along with all the expenses. I don't know what your annual budget is (excluding all this non-affiliated preschool stuff), but taking in all that money when it presumably had nothing to do with your organization's charitable mission is the type of thing that could jeopardize a group's exempt status. What this group is doing isn't illegal, but it could cause major problems for your group.
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