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Can't find Missouri bylaws for PTO, anyone help?

16 years 11 months ago #129944 by KelCo35
Thank you to those who answered my post with the great information. I appreciate it! Have a great weekend everyone~
16 years 11 months ago #129922 by Rockne
Hi KelCo -

Yeah, I missed that helpful not from Steve (SAF), too....

KelCo -- bylaws for PTOs by and large are not state-specific. The typical process is to review several sets of bylaws (the major points are largely similar) and then decide on a set that works best for your group. The customizing is usually around the details (what officer positions? who's a member? dues or no dues?).

There is a thread in our Robert's Rules section called "sample bylaws sites" where you can review dozens and dozens of samples.

And you can always call in here to PTO Today (for free) if you have questions.


PTO Today Founder
16 years 11 months ago #129920 by Schroeder
Did you try the discussion thread titled "Robt's Rules, ByLaws, Legal"? There are several samples there.
16 years 11 months ago #129899 by Shawn
I'd check with one of the other local Missouri PTA's- if your old one's were written closely resmbling the old PTA by-laws, just be forewarned you might have to pay $5 or join PTA to get 'em.

There's been a bunch of bylaw topics posted here- and most states dont usually have a format for bylaws- some do for incorporating as nonprofit maybe- most bylaws can usually be copied and tailored (sp?) from a variety of states and organizations.

A local school probably can get you a copy of the PTA's bylaws for free, too (was just responsing to the pathetic joke above- and PTA wonders why people are leaving by the droves??- )

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16 years 11 months ago #129895 by SAFin RI
Why not contact your Missouri State PTO? (LOL)
Sorry about that, but really by-laws are important!
I'm sure that you can find help in creating bylaws on this site, I've seen several links.
You need your own by-laws to obtain your own EIN # from the IRS. NO you can't just use the old one from PTA.
And you really should look into your own 501c(3) non-profit from IRS.
Think of the by-laws as your "Road Map" it helps guide you through the journey.
16 years 11 months ago #129751 by KelCo35
We have a new PTO and a new board starting next school year. We can't locate any rules or bylaws regarding the duties of principal, pres., vice pres. etc. I'm not sure if they are just following the old PTA regulations or what. But we want the official word. They have been misplaced by the last president who moved. I've looked and have had no luck! Thanks for any information you have- it is greatly appreciated!
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