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Running a PTO website

16 years 7 months ago #135739 by Marlowe Mom
go to set up a webpage. the web address will have 'freewebs' in it, but it is indeed free.

When you have funds you can sign up and have your own domain name and site. It can be linked from the school website.

Check ours out at Our treasurer has done all this and continues to work on it. Pay Pal account and all.

Remember it is free.
16 years 7 months ago #135735 by veg4me
Replied by veg4me on topic RE: Running a PTO website
I would like to pay for it on our own, however we are starting with a zero PTO budget :( . I think if I can use space on the school's website for now- at least to post meeting dates and fund raising dates, it's better than nothing. I just don't know if I will be allowed to get in there myself and post things. The media center at our school runs the school's website now and it has potential, it's just never updated in a timely fashion. Clicking on links leads you to outdated calendars and inaccurate faculty listings.
16 years 7 months ago #135733 by gschultz
Replied by gschultz on topic RE: Running a PTO website
The PTO should pay for the website not part of the schools web site.

I do web site administration for a living. Our local school PTA is going to get it's own web site. Our school district PTA council has it's own web site that I'm not thrilled with and many of the local PTA's hop on board the school district website, which I'm also not thrilled their web site setup so we are going our own route. I'm recommending we go with A three year economy hosting plan with three year domain name registration costs $121 or just under $40 per year. offers a lot with their web site plans.
16 years 7 months ago #135732 by veg4me
Running a PTO website was created by veg4me
I've noticed quite a few schools have their own PTO website. I'm trying to find more information about setting one up for our PTO. Our school has a website with a link for PTO, but the page is blank.

Who pays for the website when the PTO has one that is not part of the school's website?

Any information (or tips for finding this info if it was already posted in the forum) would be appreciated.
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