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Pres. VP, Secretary and Historian all leaving

16 years 4 weeks ago #140652 by hereigoagain
Replied by hereigoagain on topic RE: Pres. VP, Secretary and Historian all leaving
First of all, What is your 'Historian'?
I would hope that you have good solid involvement from atleast 2 parents, even if they are dependable room parents. Getting 4 new members in one election is a lot, although I will say that is how I got to be president. Our board is all first time board members, with the exception of our Secretary. But, all four of us were very involved parents other wise. I would be there at all bookfairs more than the president that was in office, for 3 years. I chaired the whole week of teacher/staff appreciation week, for the same 3 years and, like I said was not a board member. My VP was at all meetings and worked family night for any family night offered. My Treasurer was there for everything as well, and my 2nd VP could be called for all things too.
I consider this a huge plus. I would say you should sent home notices, and starting now would not be too soon. You need to let your parents know what is going on, and explain what can happen if PTO would dissolve. NO PTO would not be a good thing. I can tell you that if our school did not have one our administration would not care. They have tried to "use" us for their own personal gain ($) but much to their disappointment our board has stuck together and keeps turning them down.
I wish you much luck. Remember to keep the lines of communication open with your parents. In the past our parents felt like the board was 'keeping secrets'. I send home letters all the time, I also send my own e-mail updates and don't wait for my Secretary to do it. if I have something I think parents should know I take the initiative and tell them. Why wait?
16 years 4 weeks ago #140650 by dlf
We have a process where we set up a 3 person nominations committee. Then a flier is sent home to allow nominations to take place. The nominations are returned and placed (without PTO involvement) in an envelope in the front office. The prinicipal reviews the nominations to ensure that everyone nominated is contacted by the nominations committee to see if they are interested in running for the position for which they've been nominated. At that point their names are finalized and posted to an election ballot and the meeting for elections is held (also advertised well in advance) and the voting takes place for the position. Much of that process was put in place after I read posts here about names being nominated and then the folks not being contacted. By having the Principal review the nominations there is a step in there to ensure that no person can be eliminated by a PTO member before the voting takes place.

16 years 4 weeks ago #140647 by pzettler
Start by reading your bylaws, if you have them. You need to work within the rules, after that, the best willing people should be the ones your aiming the get.
16 years 4 weeks ago #140646 by KelCo35
How is it to be handled if your President, VP, Secretary and Historian are all not going to be on the board next year? I know the Pres. is a 2 year term, and she has served one. I'm not sure about VP and Secretary, I believe they are also 2 year terms. They are all going to be involved- but due to health problems, family, etc. they are unable to carry the responsibility and are trying to do the right thing by leaving, rather than doing a less than acceptable job next year. Do you put out a notice to the school and when elections are held? Are only committee chairs able to fill positions? I am the VP, but do not know much. Thanks for ANY help so we can do this right and gracefully, hopefully!
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