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yearly election help?

15 years 2 months ago #148588 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic RE: yearly election help?
Hither thee? I love that Jewel...
15 years 2 months ago #148587 by anne0867
Replied by anne0867 on topic RE: yearly election help?
We nominate in April, vote in May. Our by-laws state if only 1 person is running unopposed, a vote is not needed. If 2 or more people are running for the same position, a vote is needed.

You may not get a hugh turn out to vote, but a few will show up. Last year we hit a voting record............ 44 people came (out of 400 families, we thought that was pretty good and sad all at the same time!)

We usually have a meeting in June to announce the "new" officers.
15 years 3 months ago #148271 by lsas3b
Replied by lsas3b on topic RE: yearly election help?
Hither thee to the bookstore and pick up a copy of Robert's Rules of Order, 10th edition or Robert's in Brief. You will find much to know about the nominations and the election process and voting procedures.
15 years 3 months ago #148267 by lsas3b
yearly election help? was created by lsas3b
I am looking for info on how others might run elections. As a small group of new parents we are new to pto and our bylaws are not specific enough to help.
When do you usually hold elections is your groups?
What is the usual procedure for voting? What if few to no parents show up to vote? Do you hold a transitional meeting at the end of the year?
Thanks in advance for any and all input!!!
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