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Difficult member

14 years 8 months ago #150692 by hmrdaisy
Difficult member was created by hmrdaisy
This is my first year as President but I've been on our Board for 3 years. One member has had a disagreement with one of the Board members over a year ago, they are now not on speaking terms. I spoke to both separately and they said they will work for the benefit of the kids. However, I feel this woman is not. I'll call her Marge.

Marge's behavior at a function we had Friday night was way out of line. I was serving food, with about 6 other women, she came up to me and said as loud as can be "You are the President, you NEED to handle this". Okay. I'm serving food, I have no idea what she is talking about, and the people around me, including guests, look as startled as I do. I realize it had to do with the Board Member.

It turns out that Marge and her son took hold of the utensil to serve themselves food when the volunteer working that station had turned around -- they were replenishing that food. The Board Member told the volunteer to remember she was in charge of the utensil, didn't pay attention to the guets, turned and left. Marge took offense to this. The Board Member wasn't responsible for serving food. That's when she came to me and had her outburst.

This Marge is a known troublemaker and requires alot of attention. In the afternoon she also came into the school, stood there, and said what should she do. I told her who to talk to and she continued to say "well, if they don't want my help I'm leaving". Again, I said, see them and see where they need you.

I am a civil person. I am furious at what she did to me. She embarrassed me in front of everybody. THEN wants me to pity her.

Any idea of what to do about this? I've been told everything from, ignore it, know it is a private issue that I'm being pulled into, but I have to tell her she is not to speak to me ever like that again. I don't know why she had to make that stink in front of everyone. She could have pulled me aside.

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