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Difficult members

14 years 4 months ago #151586 by Frustrated Volunteer
Replied by Frustrated Volunteer on topic Re:Difficult members
Thank you so much for your input. This has been a very trying time for our organization. This person has now started to attend other schools' PTA meeting to give them all of our fundraising info and schedules. Now we will have closed Executive meetings. Do you think that there is anyway to ban this person from our open meetings?
Thank you!
14 years 4 months ago #151572 by dlf
Replied by dlf on topic Re:Difficult members
Like Jewel said--ignore her. She has no credibility or ear of anyone so just ignore her. Let her rant and rave and continue to dig the whole deeper. It'll drive her nuts as well.
14 years 4 months ago #151550 by Jewel
Replied by Jewel on topic Re:Difficult members
It seems to me that, if you have the administration's support, you don't need to have a big show-down with her in order to tell her "Thanks, but no thanks". Simply proceed as normal with the rest of your volunteers and don't put her on committees. If she's not on the committees, she won't need to be at the committee meetings or be privy to the details of a program/project until it's a done deal.

Then, disregard her emails of complaint and her baiting ("lack of follow-up", etc.) because there is no sense in wasting time fighting her accusations. Because she likes to get the reaction to her emails, she escalate her behavior if ignored, but just wait her out. Eventually, she'll find a new target for her attention.
14 years 4 months ago #151548 by Frustrated Volunteer
Difficult members was created by Frustrated Volunteer
Hello - We are having extreme difficultes with a parent who must be involved with EVERYTHING - and not in a good way. She is very eager to fire off emails to Administration at the school to inform them of how every officer & commitee member is not doing their job properly. 2 or more page emails are quite common, and if you ignore the rambling, she takes issue with "the lack of follow up" and "the lack of commitment".
She has resigned her Officer position, but doesn't quite get it that she is not part of the Executive Council anymore. The Administration is fed up with her and honestly this is one volunteer we don't need or want (forgive me!!). How do we tell her "Thanks, but no thanks"?
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