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Committee Descriptions

13 years 3 weeks ago #157454 by JennJenn
Replied by JennJenn on topic Re:Committee Descriptions
We will be sitting down over the summer and developing binders for all the officers which will include job descriptions. Our group, though an elementary, sounds alot like yours...we just move event to event and reinvent the wheel every time. We are having elections soon for next year and the incoming pres and I, incoming VP (no one else is running so it won't be a big surprise!) can't believe this has never been done! In preparation, I have searched this site. there are some great ideas here including sample job descriptions. Check 'em out, should be helpful.
13 years 4 weeks ago - 13 years 4 weeks ago #157450 by barb_r
Replied by barb_r on topic Re:Committee Descriptions
We have job descriptions, which are currently posted on our website. They aren't perfect (and will probably be revised a bit over the summer) but they are at least a place you could start. We are an elementary school but a lot of the job descriptions most likely carry over in some capacity.

The web addy is
13 years 4 weeks ago #157445 by nikkie809
Hi. I am a new PTO President for a high school and looking forward to things. The committees that we have had in the past years have been just doing things as they talked about etc. No guidelines were in place to hold individuals accountable so I wanted to create guidelines. Does anyone have guidelines for Fundraising, Hospitality, etc. Need some assistance.
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