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Meeting Games

13 years 3 weeks ago #157520 by Momof3
Replied by Momof3 on topic Re:Meeting Games
Our PTO President this year did a quick simple "Minute to Win It" Game at each meeting and gave a simple prize away. Not a lot of money invested but hugely successful with kids, teachers and parents!
13 years 3 weeks ago #157494 by Lisa @ PTO Today
Replied by Lisa @ PTO Today on topic Re:Meeting Games
I found this site with a bunch of ice-breakers:

Think the key is to read your group and don't do anything that would make people feel too uncomfortable or take too long, since everyone's time is precious.

Has anyone had any luck doing pre-meeting fun activities, that they can share with Nikkie?


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13 years 1 month ago #157446 by nikkie809
Meeting Games was created by nikkie809

Meetings in the past have always been so "business". I know that is the jist of what needs to be discussed and with our meetings right after work, I want to give the opportunity to unwind. One of things I want to do is play some soft music and have attendees closed their eyes and listen to something that is read. I've done this many times and have been a part of this to enjoy. Does anyone play any quick ice breaker games at the beginning of their meetings?
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