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Trouble instating the new board members

6 years 7 months ago #171977 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Trouble instating the new board members
No, the principal's name is not on the account. They have made a point to keep all school administration out of everything, and have made it very clear they do not have to answer to the school administration in any way.

They are now telling me that the paperwork to transfer office over to the new nominees will take hours. Do you know where I could find a list of the required paperwork to file in CA? I'd like to print it off and take a look for myself.

Thanks Rose!

- Sara :)
6 years 7 months ago #171972 by Rose H
Do you know if the principal's name is on the account? If so, the principal can step in and help you.

So sorry to hear all about this.

6 years 7 months ago #171965 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Trouble instating the new board members
They have said they are not going to continue as the board. At the end of the last school year, they stated that they would be dissolving the PTO if they didn't get a full slate of new candidates by July 31st. We were able to provide them with a full slate of nominees well before that date.

The bylaws state that if you have the exact number of nominees for each open position that you don't have to hold a formal election, you can just submit the minutes to present the new candidates to the new roles. They planned to submit this on Back to School Night, the day before school started, however they canceled on attending back to school night.

The President called me to cancel the meeting he had scheduled with me that night, of back to school night, in which he was to present the minutes declaring the new candidates elected. He stated that he would just submit the minutes - he didn't actually have to be there and we didn't have to meet.

The following morning, on the first day of school, we were to meet to file the state paperwork for the new board members, however he canceled that meeting as well.

I attempted to follow up with him for 2 days after that, and was told to stop contacting him for now, because their family is stressed. So I asked if another board member could handle the transferring over to the new members, because our first fund raiser was scheduled that following week (now tomorrow) and in order to take money, we need to have things squared away.

Last night, the Principal let me know that the treasurer was going to attempt to get the last outstanding bill paid and close out accounts payable and then contact me today to set up a time to complete all the paperwork and transfer the account. If he did not contact me to do this, we would have to cancel our event tomorrow, because they do not want money going in the account while they are working on the transition (which in all honestly they have hardly spent any time working on, since its been going on starting in May - they just keep avoiding handling things or returning calls or making it to appointments).

He has not reached out to set up a meeting time with me, and our first fundraiser is tomorrow, which I will now have to cancel, with no guarantee of when they will actually take the time to complete this transition.

The fundraiser happens to be an ongoing event every Thursday. We have volunteers scheduled to come in and announcements sent home for students to bring their money in.

This entire time the board and administrations has encouraged me to proceed as if I am already elected in the role; setting up the PTO table at back to school night, addressing the school during the opening speeches and making announcements, and sending fliers home and scheduling events. I have kept the old (technically current) board informed of everything I was doing with dates and times.

Initially, it was like a bandaid because they couldn't get around to completing the paperwork. Now it's put me in a really bad position, because I am the face of PTO to the school, and have this event scheduled that we have to cancel and despite all the options and availability I have given the board, they are determined to continue to delay the transition.

The reasons stated, are they all have family medical issues and/or are too stressed/busy to handle this right now. Please note that we have been working on this since May, though. And there has been a full slate of nominees since July.

My concern is, we will keep having to cancel events, and lose momentum of parent involvement because the current board, who states they want nothing more to do with the PTO, keep putting up road blocks and delaying the transition, while also causing us to cancel all events until they have completed the transition.

Is there nothing I can do to move this process along? No other board members can meet or help, since the 4 board members are two families of husband and wife and all four have stated they are too busy and stressed to handle the transition at this time.
6 years 7 months ago #171954 by Rose H
Very happy to provide you with advice and the resources you need. But, I'm not sure I fully understand what happened here. Is the old board essentially still operating as "the board"? It sounds like they haven't actually stepped down, unless I am missing something.

Community Manager
6 years 8 months ago #171952 by Anonymous
Trouble instating the new board members was created by Anonymous
Our old PTO board has had trouble getting members/board positions filled, and have sat well over their 1 year term. They had decided at the end of last school year to step down, and that if they couldn't get anyone to take over they were going to absolve the PTO.

Myself and 2 others stepped up to take things over in May, by submitting our nominations for the positions. The board then decided, that we needed to come forward with a full slate of board member nominees before they would initial the process to pass over responsibility. (Even though they only had half the members of the full board at the time; 1 pres, 1 vp, 1 secretary and 1 treasurer - verses the required board of 2 pres, 2 vps and 1 secretary and 1 treasurer. )

Over the summer I was able to find enough volunteers for each position and made sure the current board received the nominations. I followed up with them on July 7th trying to confirm they had all the nominations.

They further delayed the process, by misplacing 2 of the nominations (They did not inform me that they didn't have them until August 9th - I had copies and re-sent them to them the following day), and delaying appointments to move the process forward. Every time I attempted to set an appointment I wouldn't hear anything back for over 2 weeks, which they would then delay any forward progression again.

School started this week, August 16th, and he has canceled every appointment we scheduled to move this process forward due to his wife having a medical condition.

We have tried to conduct business as normal, getting permission from the current board to represent PTO at back to school night and make a speech to the families, encouraging their involvement. We have volunteers signed up for fundraising events scheduled to take place in less than a week.

The Board president has stated that all he needs to do is submit the minutes from back to school night that we held the formality of an election and names the new board members, plus filing paperwork with the state naming the new members. He is at the school every morning spending time in his daughters class, but refuses to meet with me to complete the paperwork or submit the minutes. He contacted the Superintendent requesting that people stop contacting him because his family is too stressed right now to handle any of this business.

I have asked if we can have the other members of the board help with this transition, but I have been told that they are all too busy. The president's wife is the vp, and the Treasurers wife is the secretary, so there are essentially 2 families in charge of everything, and they all seem to be too busy to conclude this transition.

Is there anything I can do? I don't want to have to start canceling these fund raisers and lose momentum we have built up. The PTO has been in dismal state, raising little to no money to help the school due to lack of involvement, and with a new face in charge I have been able to rally up a lot of interest.

The current board seems to want nothing to do with the PTO but they have put ever barrier in place to keep us from moving forward.

Can I start a new PTO and let them dissolve the old one? I have no idea what to do at this point...
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