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Problem Volunteer

6 years 5 months ago #172108 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Problem Volunteer
Hi there!
This can be such a difficult situation. First step would be to ask this person to have a conversation. Keep it easy-going -- can you invite her out for coffee -- and check in, ask how things are going? See if she volunteers some information first about difficulties she's having. If so, great, you can then bring up some of what you've been hearing. If not, raise the concerns anyway...Don't confront and challenge. Raise the issues as concerns. There is a chance that this person really doesn't know that she's causing havoc. But if she does know and doesn't really care about your input, you need to let her know that she needs to tone it down or you will be losing volunteers and you can't let that happen. Rose
6 years 5 months ago #172105 by Bmcmeg04
Problem Volunteer was created by Bmcmeg04
I have a Committee Chair who is causing A LOT of problems with the way she is managing her event. The administration is mad, the other committee memebers want to quit, and the Vice President overseeing the event no longer wants to participate.

Can I "fire" a volunteer? She chaired anther event and was the same way and people had the same reaction. She's supposed to Chair a big event in the spring and no one wants to deal with her anymore.

She is verbally abusive and unprofessional and frankly, is making the PTO look bad.

I don't know, as the President, what to do.
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