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I don't know what we are...

6 years 3 months ago #172235 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic I don't know what we are...
Good morning Cathie111,
You posted this some time ago and I wanted to circle back to see how you are doing.

If you need help, start here on the IRS website:

This will direct you to find out if your group has a EIN -- an Employer Identification Number, which is essentially and ID number that your group would have needed to apply for 501(c)(3) status.

Good luck!
Community Manager
6 years 5 months ago #172161 by Cathie111
I took over as president this year, and it'll be my only year since I grade-out next year, but I don't want to leave a mess. I was in the PTO last year and started questioning who does the taxes for the group and no one could tell me. I called the IRS and they said we didn't need to do anything because someone registered us as a "political group." I asked "You're sure, we need to do NOTHING?" and they confirmed. Ok fine. Great! Easy. Except it's not. I don't know what we are. Political group...ok...there's a 527 but there's still an annual form needing to be done. No one has...and it's been probably 10ish years? This year, my VP called the IRS and they said to HER that there was no record of us. I don't know what to make of this. Of course it wasn't me, so I don't know what she told them...but when I gave them info, they were even able to mail us a few things, and I got them at the school, so I mean, I know when I called, they knew us and had us on file. This same VP ended up telling some people (I've no clue how many!) that we're operating illegally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angry: I just found this out. I don't know why she'd do that!!! I need to know who to call so I know what the heck we are! Does anyone know which IRS number we need to call? My husband (the treasurer) tried calling a bit ago, and went through all this waiting only to get a recording "I'm sorry, we seem to be too busy, please try your call again later" (click). Help! This is a mess...
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