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Proper use of PTO funds

4 years 10 months ago #172873 by CherylB
Replied by CherylB on topic Proper use of PTO funds
There is not anything that the PTO can and cannot do unless it is in your bylaws.  When you are a PTO you are an independant group and governed by your own bylaws.  You may want to check with your insurance and see if it is something that can be covered under your parent group policy.  Best of luck-Cheryl PTO Today
4 years 11 months ago #172862 by Myranda
Proper use of PTO funds was created by Myranda
We recently held a jog-a-thon at our school and during this a canopy was broken. The parent that brought it, set it up and did not stake it down. She was present for the entire event and during the event the wind caught it and blew it over. This parent is now asking that we replace her canopy. I’ve tried finding an answer. I know my personal feelings on it, but wondered if it is even something a PTO is allowed to do?
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