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Accepting Credit Card Donations

5 years 5 months ago #172920 by gjcoram
My recollection is that most CC processors need an SSN that they can tie to a person to satisfy certain anti-money-laundering regulations. That said, I think Square seemed to be better about understanding that sometimes one was raising funds for organizations (eg, PTOs but also campaign contributions). One still had to verify one's identity, but the account could be set up with an organization's EIN. (PayPal has a non-profit verification process, but it does still seem to tie the whole account to a person, making it a nuisance to switch when the officers turn over.)
5 years 7 months ago #172896 by kguzik

Our PTO has used Square for credit card donations / transactions, and it has been very successful; however, moving forward we are not wanting to use an account that is tied to one person's SSN. All the options I have seen for credit card readers require a person's SSN.

Was wondering how other schools deal with credit card transactions. One of our options is to revert back to "cash or check only", but if there is any way to continue accepting credit cards, we'd prefer that!

Thanks for any feedback!
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