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How do we get Parents involved?

23 years 2 months ago #94101 by GaryWT
Replied by GaryWT on topic RE: How do we get Parents involved?
We just had our first meeting of the year tonight and had 30 parents, this is larger than any meeting last year. In addition, we published a PTO handbook listing every activity and fund raiser that we could do, with this we sent a volunteer sheet and have already received 75 back, not bad for 275 students. Keep fighting for help and it will come.
23 years 2 months ago #94100 by LPease7393
Replied by LPease7393 on topic RE: How do we get Parents involved?
23 years 2 months ago #94099 by kak
Replied by kak on topic RE: How do we get Parents involved?
We basically had a new PTO board last year and were in desparate need of parent involvement. Communication was our biggest improvement last year. I also made phone calls to everyone who sent their sheets back saying they would volunteer. Our principal actually came up with the idea to get more parents at the meetings. We got 2 classroom representatives for each grade. We only have a school of 125. So we went from have only board members at the meetings to having at least 10 parents at every meeting. It was very encouraging. We plan on doing it again this year. We have gotten alot of great ideas and a renewed school spirit!
23 years 2 months ago #94098 by kjglen
Replied by kjglen on topic RE: How do we get Parents involved?
You go girl!! 55 parents at one meeting that is unheard of. We have done the newsletters and been very visable too and we might get 3 but thats rare. This is my 5th year, well hopefully 5th, but thats a differt story and thought it would always be that way I gave up
23 years 2 months ago #94097 by swhitford
Replied by swhitford on topic RE: How do we get Parents involved?
Last year was our best year with getting new faces at our PTA meetings, (I mean parents, not teachers - I won't go there...). I think one of the big reasons was because we communicated with them more than in the past. We sent home Newsletters, made phone calls, etc. Some parents never come to meetings but their always there helping out.

We've had a problem in the past of parents thinking the PTA is full of clicks. I'm sure this may have been true in the past, but we've tried to spread the word that it has changed.

Now, if we could only get some teachers there.
23 years 3 months ago #94096 by Ann
Replied by Ann on topic RE: How do we get Parents involved?
Many problems parents have with PTO's is not enough information is shared.

I am thinking about starting a private message board for our members. Sometimes it is not possible to attend meetings. Many parents are working and cannot participate, however, they would like to be an active member.

I have found a free private message board on the internet.

Just wanted to share my suggestion with others.
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