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Room Money

23 years 6 months ago #94116 by boysx3
Replied by boysx3 on topic RE: Room Money
We give each classroom a $50 allowance. This allowance is given to 37 homeroom classes. In addition to the homerooms we include Reading Recovery, AGP, Art, PE, Music, Spanish, Library, Computer Lab and so on. Receipts are necessary for all reimbursements. We realize that teachers spend more than this but we could never reimburse for all their additional expenses. I like the idea of giving new teachers additional money for start up.
We also give each grade level $250 allotment for non-consumable items which will be used by the entire grade level. Again receipts are required. Our state will reimburse teachers up to $100, but they have limitations on what the reimbursement can be for. Our teachers are so appreciative of any support they receive.
23 years 7 months ago #94115 by swhitford
Replied by swhitford on topic RE: Room Money
Last year, we gave each class $100 to use on either an educational field trip or on classroom supplies. The only thing we asked was for a receipt. The teachers loved this idea!
23 years 7 months ago #94114 by GaryWT
Replied by GaryWT on topic RE: Room Money
As for what teachers spend the money on? We do not follow up on this at all. We feel that most teachers spend a lot more than that and if they take the check and pocket the money that if fine with us, they are probably still in the hole as to what they spend.
23 years 7 months ago #94113 by Kimbrly86
Replied by Kimbrly86 on topic RE: Room Money
At our K-1 school of 330 students, we give each teacher a total of $150 per year, $80 now and $70 in Feb (when we know for sure that we have met our fundraising goals). We asked our principal to select the staff members who would get the grants. She included all the specials teachers (ex. art, music), plus the social worker, resource teacher, speech teacher, and media professional. Two of our K teachers are half-time reading recovery teachers, too, and they were given the full amount since they see kids all day in some capacity. In all, we wrote checks to 23 staff members.
23 years 7 months ago #94112 by Kaylee
Replied by Kaylee on topic RE: Room Money
Question?? You allot each teacher $100.00, what if they do not use the whole $100.00 (highly unlikely I am sure but what happens to the remainder if it does? 2nd question, is there any stipulations to what they are allowed to purchase? i.e. one teacher throwing a pizza party with the remainder of her money while another teacher spent it solely on educational materials. 3rd question - do you give the teachers a $100 check or do you reimburse them for purchases up to $100. Thanks for any info.
23 years 7 months ago #94111 by momofalltrades
Replied by momofalltrades on topic RE: Room Money
We give our teachers $100 each school year. New teachers also receive a welcome gift of an additional $100. The teachers for the specials receive $50 each school year
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