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Audit and Taxes

23 years 8 months ago #94124 by mommy
Replied by mommy on topic RE: Audit and Taxes
Do all PTO's have their monies audited? I don't know how long our School has had a PTO, but we are just this year trying to establish by-laws. Now I see this comment about audits & wondered if it is standard practice or just good sense.
23 years 8 months ago - 3 months 1 week ago #94123 by
Audit and Taxes was created by
We received a quote from a CPA that is also a parent to do our taxes and out audits. His charge would be $200. per year for taxes and every other year would be $500 for audits. We had a parent that is a CPA offer to do it this year for free. The person that made the offer is sometimes negitive and thinks things should be done the way it was when they were the treasurer. I strongly feel that even though it would be free this person did not offer to do taxes and audits and we do not know how long the commitment would be for. I also feel that if a person is negitive or not neutral that this could create a potential problem with the way things would be handeled. If we pay someone to do this for us they would..
1. Be professionally responsible for the Taxes and audits.
2. Be there for us with answers to any questions we would have.
3. Be a long term accountant for the PTO.
4. Be neutral and not let personal conflicts or opions come into play.
I would like to have some feed back to see what you (other PTO people) think?

Thank you!!! 1st time President
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