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Have you ever been accused of...

23 years 1 month ago #94159 by PTOmom3
Replied by PTOmom3 on topic RE: Have you ever been accused of...
I have always been active in my son's school. This is my first year as PTO President. My son was accused of "looking for special treatment" by the para in his classroom "just because his mother is the president of the PTO". This floored me. I choose to be an active member of the PTO not because I feel my children will get better treatment or special privileges, but because I want to be involved for the satisfaction it brings me.
In my opinion, I think that more is expected of my son beacuse of my status, and when he dosen't live up to those expcetations, he must be "looking for special treatment."

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23 years 2 months ago #94158 by Kaylee
Replied by Kaylee on topic RE: Have you ever been accused of...
If it wasn't so serious as having your son's education effected it might actually be funny. Are they kidding me the only reason we are on the board is for special treatment for our kids? ARE THEY NUTS... I am sure you will agree that the amount of hours I am busy doing stuff for EVERYONE elses kid in the school far outweighs the very minimal special treatment my kids get IF ANY.

Did I miss something, you kid is getting extra help for his school work and they consider that a "special treatment".. if you are in a public school I call that the state laws that the school must provide the help he needs.... oh please I could go on and on about this.... my PTO spirit is wearing very thin these days... i feel burn out setting in. Keep your chin up and just remember all the work you do benefits each and every kid in that school not just your own. !
23 years 3 months ago #94157 by Pres88
Have you ever been accused of... was created by Pres88
...getting special treatment because you are the president or an executive of the PTO. I am the president of our PTO and I do not have to tell anyone that it is a bit of work in every direction. I certainly did not sign up for this to have my children treated any differently, in fact it usually goes the other way and a lot more is expected from my children.

Anyway, my son is in a title 1 program for a learning problem and a parent from the school actually called the superintendents office to complain that my son was only in this program because I was the PTO president and not because my son needed the help, I guess since I am a volunteer then my kids are perfect. The teacher was forced to pull his file and make a case for my son. Now if this is the thanks that you get I have to ask is it worth it and no wonder some PTO's have trouble getting help, what do some of these parents want, blood?

Well, I just had to vent a little and was wondering if anyone else had had to deal with situations like this.

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