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RE: Hostile take over

23 years 3 months ago - 3 months 4 weeks ago #94191 by
Replied by on topic RE: Hostile take over
Take heart, I too have had bashers. Being involved for 7 years now and running many huge events (sometimes by myself) I know how you feel when the one complainer whines about the job you are doing. We had a parent who complained because I had underestimated the amount of food needed for an event. Our principal politely listened to her and then suggested that she come to a meeting. I also told her that I could understand her child's disappointment and that she sounded like the kind of informed parent that we needed to chair our Carnival. Needless to say she has NOT stepped forward to use her stellar talents to chair such a big event, nor has she made her presence known at our PTO so...I guess put up or shut up is my motto. Of course I will always listen to those with complaints, because sometimes those are the best sources of making things better. Keep up the good work and don't let the whiner get ya down
23 years 3 months ago #94190 by
Replied by on topic RE: Hostile take over
Oh boy do I know how you feel...we have three ladies who ran our PTO for a combined total of six years who finally stepped down this year. I am the new Prez. they actually tell people that they come to the meetings to start trouble for the new officers. I have found that by sticking to the agenda 100% and not letting the petty , malicous comments by the women in the back affect our train of thought it makes them look stupid and us look professional. They are currently upset because I want to give children for whatever reason who can't participate in our Holiday Shop a coupon to receive an item of their chose so that no one walks away with hurt feelings. They think I am turing the PTO into a charity for the lower income families. Our PTO has raised so much money that we don't need to worry about giving away a few items to make a kid feel good at Christmas. Thankfully, we now have new parent support and 100% teacher participation. As for our "bashers in the back" we let everyone know that if anyone has a concern about PTO issues they can call on any board member by phone or letter and we would be more than happy to sit down as a group and discuss their issues>>>>Strength In Numbers!! If you know what her "beefs" are ahead of time it is a wonderful tool at a meeting. In your opening remarks you can say that you take your memebers concerns very seriously and that you would like to address the issue right away and sweetly look at at the lady without bringing up her name and begin the discussion. I know this sounds petty but, it takes away their so called power to try and "zap" you at a meeting and it also shows the rest of the audience that you will not be a party to childish behavior. I wish you luck and don't let them run you out hopefully they will get tired of your success and move on!!
23 years 3 months ago #94189 by Pres88
Replied by Pres88 on topic RE: Hostile take over
My favorite saying is "Have they signed on the dotted line" meaning has this person been involved or she just showing up out of the blue. I listen to those active parents a lot more than the ones with just a problem.

As far as an overthrow, our by-laws have set election dates and set terms. If she was not around when the elections held then she lost her chance IMHO. As long as the elected official is active then they stay.

And yes, I am in it for my kids, everything I do is for my kids, if it were not for our kids we would not be allowed in PTO. Luckly, everything that we do for our kids overflows to benifit all the kids.

Good luck and stay strong.

23 years 3 months ago #94188 by jandesmom
Replied by jandesmom on topic RE: Hostile take over
My question for her is, what does being rich have anything to do with being a good president?? As far as being only in it for your kids, isn't that the purpose anyway?? Please don't resign because of this one person. As far as I can tell, she sounds like she's got too much time on her hands.
23 years 3 months ago #94187 by gifford
Replied by gifford on topic RE: Hostile take over


23 years 3 months ago #94186 by Mom3
Hostile take over was created by Mom3
I'm the PTO co-President of my children's school they are in 1st and 3rd grades. This is my first year as President, last year I served as Vice-President. I am in charge of the fundraising committee. I am very active in the school. Here's my problem, I have now been accused of being a "self serving bitch" I quote. {I was recently told that.} Our PTO only has a few members that come to the meetings, it is the same Moms each month and at every event. I try my best to include other Moms, I started a Newsletter last year to help Moms who couln't make it to the meetings know what was going on. I have to say I am very upset by these accusations, I have done nothing self serving, malicious or wrong. I was even accused of putting my name on every thing, { I am the President, it kind of goes with the terrritory .} Now this particular Mom has asked for a copy of the by-laws, which she was promptly supplied, and says she is coming to the next meeting to stand up and tell every one that I think I'm a rich Mom and I'm only in it for my kids. I know her plan is to rally people on her side and try to take over, I feel as though this act of taking sides, the name calling and petty high-school girl jealousy has to stop, I don't know how to end it except to resign. Any suggestions?
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