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Fighting a Stagnant Board

23 years 6 months ago #94217 by Critter
I second the previous suggestion that the PTO be split up. Look at it as a way to get MORE people involved rather than kicking others out. I can't imagine trying to run one PTO for separate buildings, and such a wide range of gradelevels. It must be very challenging! I wonder if PTO participation is down because one group is trying to be all things to all schools, and is being pulled in too many directions. It seems to me it would be hard to focus your group's energy and muster resources when you have to answer to such a wide spectrum of needs. Good Luck.
23 years 6 months ago #94216 by KlamB
Replied by KlamB on topic RE: Fighting a Stagnant Board
Thanks for your feedback. Our By laws are pretty bare bones. Right now the Vice President is taking on the President's role, but I don't think she is really able to do the job. So few people attend the meetings that no one ever makes an effort to suggest changes. Everyone seems content with the status quo. I'll keep trying!
23 years 7 months ago #94215 by mdmprez
Replied by mdmprez on topic RE: Fighting a Stagnant Board
I am the President of our elementary school which grade levels are pre k through 5th grade. I cannot imagine one organization managing all levels of education. They all have different needs. An interesting concept though.
I hate to repeat something that is said over and over here but.......... Read you bylaws and see what the chain of command is. For instance our bylaws state that the 1st Vice President would then step into the Presidents duties should she/he cannot fullfill their position.
The "it will never work" attitudes will always be there no matter what you do Its human nature not to like changes but.. As long as you have a majority of the membership who would like to "try" the changes go ahead and surprise the naysayers with your success!
I hope I have helped you.
Best wishes and good luck!
23 years 7 months ago #94214 by KlamB
Fighting a Stagnant Board was created by KlamB
I have been active in our PTO, which covers all schools in the town from K thru High School. Many parents that I spoke to had no idea what the PTO even does. I volunteered to produce a Newsletter so that parents could be informed even if they don't attend meetings. I practically had to beg them to "let" me do the whole thing myself.
Now I have volunteered once again to try and get our Primary schools, 3 schools with K-2 gardes, more active. The board doesn't help much and actually takes the "it'll never work" attitude whenever people suggest changes. Some parents have asked to split the PTO into separate groups, one for each school/level. How can we do that without being seen as kicking the current people out? Oh in fact there isn't even a President of the current PTO, she resigned the first of Sept. and hasn't been replaced. Can the PTO legally function without the President's position being filled?

I think I rambled on here. Any suggestions??
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