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Treasurer not making deposits

23 years 1 month ago #94228 by Critter
With respect to your upcoming fundraiser: we double check every order form for any of our fundraisers against the money sent in. We have forms we created where we record every order, the amount due, the amount paid (cash or check), and any errors. This way, we can reconcile every order, every class, the whole school and know our money is accounted for. Several people get together to do this job -- it might sound overwhelming, but I believe it is a vital step. By the way, the project chairperson heads up this reconciliation process, not the treasurer. The chair turns over the cash/checks and an accounting to the treasurer who then makes the deposit, although I suppose the chair could make the deposit directly.

Do your Bylaws stipulate any rules/duties of the treasurer that she is disregarding? It's hard to "fire" a volunteer, but if she is not doing the job (as spelled out in the Bylaws), then you have some leverage to replace her with someone more dedicated. Just be certain they know the expectations!
23 years 1 month ago #94227 by python
Replied by python on topic RE: Treasurer not making deposits
I was President of our PTO for 2 years. We had co-treasurers. Both the treasurers and I as PTO President were allowed to sign the checks. Anyone can make a deposit as long as you have the account number. Even if you do not have a slip, the bank can make one up for you. On any fundraiser involving lots of money, you should ALWAYS have at least 3 responsible persons counting the money. We had $6000 embezzled from our account because before we went to co-treasurers, we had only 1 person responsible for signing checks and making deposits. So lets say we learned a very valuable lesson. If your treasurer does not want to perform her duties, I suggest you hold a special election and elect another responsible person. I am a big fan of co's. Good Luck!!!
23 years 1 month ago #94226 by Pres88
Replied by Pres88 on topic RE: Treasurer not making deposits
At times our treasurer does not get deposits in right away but as she says, she is a volunteer and since no one else wants the job... Anyway, we usually have the person who runs the fundraiser pick up the money each day and count it and deposit it. Once this is done, the deposit slip is given to the treasurer to be recorded.

Of course we have been lucky enough not to have and cashg problems but if we had I may be a little nervous about the deposits as well.

The best solution seems to be to get the deposit slips and since you are the pres and in charge it seems possible.
23 years 1 month ago #94225 by hillsmomof3
Replied by hillsmomof3 on topic RE: Treasurer not making deposits
Another idea is a co-treasurer. Let her know you understand she is busy and you would like to get someone to help her. It will may ease the tension. If she is not comitted, this cotreasurer will end up picking up the slack. Is this treasurer good with the at home paper work? If so split the job that way.I have tried to get our treasurer to leave a deposit slip with the cash box that she makes up for committees needing one, then two or more PTO members count the money and deposit it. This splits up the work.
Good Luck
23 years 1 month ago #94224 by chrystal
Replied by chrystal on topic RE: Treasurer not making deposits
Just a thought here...does your bank have a night drop off box? Ours does, and after a night time fundraiser the money is counted by at least two board members before it leaves the school and is taken directly to the night drop box. Because you anticipate having a large fundraiser with lots of money involved it would be best not to have just one person counting the will protect all involved including the treasurer. At most banks anyone can make the deposit...but not everyone can obtain account balances. I assume as the previous post said that their is more than one person on the account...if not change it right away.
23 years 1 month ago #94223 by JMW
Replied by JMW on topic RE: Treasurer not making deposits
Certainly you can go to the bank and use their deposit slips. You do know the account no.? Also, I trust that your Treasurer is not the only one with checking writing power. There should be two authorized signers on the account. I would be worried that this person has such a strong hold on the checkbook and accompanying documents. Does she not want you to see something? Be firm, be insistent: if she cannot make timely deposits, then you will.
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