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Treasurer not making deposits

23 years 1 month ago #94222 by Dottie
Replied by Dottie on topic RE: Treasurer not making deposits
I have offered to make the deposits but she will not turn over any deposit slips. Can I go to the bank and just use blank ones with our account information wrote in?
23 years 1 month ago #94221 by JMW
Replied by JMW on topic RE: Treasurer not making deposits
I think your group does need to find a more committed Treasurer. Sounds like this person is just not interested and does not care like she should. In the meantime, why don't you make the deposits? Any responsible member of your group can do this -- it doesn't have to be the Treasurer. Your group is accountable for all of its actions. You MUST make timely deposits. Do not worry about hurting feelings and keeping peace. Do what you know is right.
23 years 1 month ago #94220 by Dottie
Treasurer not making deposits was created by Dottie
I am the president of our PTO. The treasurer, secrectary and myself are new officers this year. The problem comes in with the treasurer. 2 years ago our past treasurer took over 16,000. so... now that I am president I really watch the reports, bank statements etc. Our current treasurer does not make the deposits timely. Meanly that last Thursday night we had fundraiser and she was not there. After telling me she would be. I got the money and called her to tell her that it needed to be took to the bank and deposited. She said well I'll get it in the morning. I'll meet you at the school. Friday morning comes and she is no where to be found so I call her and she informs me that her child is sick and she will make the deposit Monday. Today she informs me she has to get straight home because she has a sick kid and can't make the deposit. So now it's been 5 days and the money is still sitting here. I have spoken with her on several occasions about the deposit having to be made. This appartently has went right over her head. I'm at my wits in with this situation. Our school wide catolog sell is coming up and in past years this has generated around 20,000. She said well you tell them that the money will be turned in on one day only cause I'm not making 50 trips to the school to get the money. I explained to her that we are lucky to get it all in over a 2 week period. How do you deal with this? If it was up to me I would nicely ask her to give up the treasurer position to someone that is willing to put the time into it. The deposits as far back as September have not been made on time. It's always 4 or 5 days after the money has came in. The vice president wants me to try and keep peace over this situation but in light of our past experience I think it is bad business keeping money laying around someones house. It has been anywheres from 10 dollars to thousands of dollars that she does this with. HELP..... anyone have any idea's?
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