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Would you omit a student from a fundraiser, who still owes on one??

23 years 6 months ago #94248 by Kaylee
My son was involved in a sport fund raiser for his team. I think they have worked out a great idea to this dilemma. You can either make a donation of $20.00 and sell nothing or you can pay $40.00 take the box of candy and keep the money you raise. That way you are not out any money.
Just a thought after reading your post.. looking at it from the families that haven't paid by not "letting" fund raiser why do they care. Obviously helping the school is not a top priority in their lives or they would have paid so "not letting them" sell this year is not really a big loss in their lives. I do feel bad for the kids though. They will suffer due to the parents. Good Luck
23 years 6 months ago #94247 by Dottie
We have our annual sale in the spring and what we do is if you don't turn your money in you don't get your report card at the end of the school year until you do. We find that working with the school on this matter has worked wonders. The parents turn over the money every time.
23 years 6 months ago #94246 by swhitford
For all of our fundraisers we require "prepayment" that way we don't have to make up for any money that isn't received. We have never sold candy bars but I agree with everyone else - I would let the family participate unless they pay you in advance for the candy bars.

Good luck.
23 years 6 months ago #94245 by Pres88
I would agree that you only let those who have paid participate. Forr those who did not pay, make them give you cash for last year as well as cash up front for this year as Crystal said.

At our school we try to leave these types of sales to the bands and sport teams, we stick with the ordering and pre-paid stuff.
23 years 6 months ago #94244 by greta
I wouldn't have the child participate, but I'd be very careful to make sure that the other children don't know. There shouold be absolutely no public embarrassment of any kind.
23 years 6 months ago #94243 by greta
Hi Lori, This has happened to us plenty of times...What we have done is with the information sent home with everyone we send home personal notes to the specific "nonpaying" families as a "friendly reminder" that they still owe XX amount for the previous fundraiser. We try to be real considerate with wording ie; "perhaps you have forgotten about the money owed from the last fundraiser, and we really appreciate you efforts in raising money for our PTO but until the balance is paid we cannot allow your child to participate in the fundraisers unless you purchase the candy bars upfront or pay off the exisiting balance.We have had to use our fundraising profit from other students to pay for the candy bars (or whatever) that your family sold" If this don't work we simply do not let the family participate.
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