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Would you omit a student from a fundraiser, who still owes on one??

23 years 1 month ago #94242 by LORI
O.K., It's that time of year again for our school: candybar selling time. Most of you I'm sure are familiar with this one. We hand out the boxes of candy to the students who sell them and collect the money as doing such. THEN.. the student is/are supposed to turn in the $$$ from the sale of the candybars..RIGHT???
Well, here's my problem that took place last year doing this fundraiser: Not all $$$ was turned in, even to this date!! I went into collection mode last year, we were missing $1,200 in payments. I managed to collect all of it but $400 to date; have since given it up in regards to last year.
Anyway; I obviously still have the listing of students who did not EVER turn in the $$$, even after collection attempts for such. Not wanting to go into a fundraiser "KNOWING" that we will more than likely lose $$$ again this year. I personnally feel that we should not allow the students whom never turned in the $$$ from last year's sale to be allowed to sell the candybars this year. It's one thing to lose out on $$$ from a fundraiser, but it is like a double-effect when you have to take profits from another student's sales to cover the costs of the student who didn't turn in their $$$ raised.
What do you all think of doing this?? Or should we allow them to sell, but only after their parent has signed for the responsibilty of payment on the candy and is stipulated to pay by check or money order, so they can't say they paid when they didn't. [ not many claimed such, but I want to cover all bases].
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